Permatex Stripped Thread Repair

By: Graham H


Permatex Stripped Thread Repair

Stripped threads are a common annoyance for anyone who works on bikes (especially a heavy-handed novice like me).  The metals that make up the engine case, swingarm, and other extremely important components to your bike are usually relatively soft alloys that can strip out fairly easily. 

The other day, I was simply removing my front sprocket cover on my dual-sport in order to replace my worn-out chain and sprockets, when I made a completely bone-headed mistake…  When I went to loosen the first bolt holding the sprocket cover in place, I had my ratchet wrench set on “on” instead of “off”.  I know, totally amateur mistake, but I was in a rush (first mistake) and obviously not paying full attention to what I was doing (mistake #2).  The thought crossed my mind as I pried on the wrench handle that it seemed tighter than it should be, but as the soft metals gave way, I immediately realized my mistake. 

If you’ve done much DIY work on your bike, you know that sinking feeling that you get in the pit of your stomach when you realize you just screwed up, and will probably need a new tool to fix the damage you’ve already done.  My mind flashed to the $98.99 Tap and Die sets that we offer at Motorcycle Superstore, and the extra expertize I was going to need to gain to learn how to master this new tool.  Then, I remembered seeing something else on our site that could save me time, money, and trouble!

A company called Permatex, that makes chemicals like threadlockers, gasket sealants, greases, etc., also makes a “Stripped Thread Repair Kit.”  This handy, inexpensive ($15.95) kit will save me the need for a whole new tool and set of expertise!  On a simple fastener on the outside of my engine like this, I can simply and quickly solve my stripped thread problem.  With the video provided by Permatex, I even get a step-by-step demonstration on how this stuff works.  After a 5-to-10-minute procedure, then a wait of 30 minutes to 2 hours as the compound sets, I’ll have my threads completely repaired with the ability to torque the fastener up to 128 ft. lbs., well above the torque specs for that bolt.  This repair will also be able to withstand temperatures between negative 65 degrees and 300 degrees Fahrenheit.  

This kit is not recommended for use on internal engine components or other critical threaded assemblies (spark plugs, suspension or steering components, or brake components) , but is perfectly safe and effective for carburetor to manifold studs, clamp bolts, drain plugs, pan fasteners, valve cover bolts, plastic and fairing hardware assemblies, chain cover bolts, and much more.  Check out the video for more info:  

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