Emergency Tire Repair and Inflation Kit

By: Graham H


Genuine Innovations Street Tire Repair and Inflation Kit

With springtime riding weather just around the corner, we'll all be able to get out on longer and longer rides to get into the boondocks and enjoy some solitude away from city traffic.  Longer rides mean venturing into areas without the luxuries of modern society such as cellphone reception, motorcycle shops and tow-trucks.  These kinds of rides are relaxing and extremely enjoyable, but they do necessitate the old Boy Scout motto: “Be Prepared.”  One of the more common mishaps that we all eventually run into is motorcycle tire damage and punctures. 

Tire damage can occur from running over a sharp rock, pulling onto the shoulder and rolling over a nail or bolt, or basically hitting any debris in the wrong way at an unfortunate angle (I’ve even heard a story from a fellow rider who ran over a sparkplug in the road and punctured his tire).  Out on a long ride or adventure, a puncture can put an end to your ride if you’re not prepared.

With this handy little compact repair kit from Genuine Innovations, you can be prepared for almost any street bike roadside tire repair.  It includes plugs, patches, a scuffer, glue (rubber cement), a tire reamer, a t-handle plug insertion tool, a compact CO2 inflation system (with two large-capacity 45 gram cartirges, which is enough to get any street tire re-inflated), and a handy carrying case that keeps everything tightly together.  The only complaint that we have about this very convenient and compact kit is that the small nylon carrying case is sometimes difficult to pack and close.  To avoid this problem, just follow the step-by-step instructions for packing the bag correctly found HERE.

Don’t just take our word for it!  Here’s a real-world review from another fellow rider: “Flatted at Delemar Ghost Town.  I was 50-miles out in the sticks and I had a pencil sized hole in rear tire on my BMW R1150GS.  This kit saved me.  I used one of the gummy worm plugs, no glue and a single 45-gram cartridge.  The whole repair took less than 10 minutes and after topping the tire up at the first gas station I came to, I rode over 150-miles home with zero air loss.  I'll be buying a couple more of the air cartridges and some fresh plugs, just in case.”

You can pick up this handy little kit on-sale right here: www.motorcycle-superstore.com/14/71/994/14609/ITEM/Genuine-Innovations-Street-Tire-Repair-and-Inflation-Kit.aspx

Check out this video from Genuine Innovations to see how quick and easy it can be to get back on the road after a puncture:
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