Motion Pro Chain Alignment Tool

By: Graham H


Motion Pro Chain Alignment Tool

With all of the spring cleaning and motorcycle maintenance we’re all taking care of, whether you’re mounting some new tires, slapping on some new sprockets and chain, or just tightening everything up, chances are good you’ll need to realign your drive chain at some point.  Today’s featured tool is an inexpensive and easy way to make sure your drive chain is in perfect alignment.  Whatever you ride, if it’s got a chain drive it’s important to make sure that chain is aligned properly, whether you just tightened the tension or completely replaced the chain and sprockets. 

Along with improper tension and lack of lubrication, misalignment of your chain is a top threat to the useful life of your chain.  Not only that, but improper alignment will also lead to uneven tire wear and possible chain failure which can be catastrophic to the soft metal of your engine case and ruin a good ride quick.  With the Motion Pro Chain Alignment tool, you can make sure that you’ve got that axle straight and chain in alignment with no need to rely on eyeballing it and hoping for the best.  This tool is also perfect for riders with aftermarket swingarms on their bikes, since most of the time, they won’t have the alignment marks like the stock swingarm does.  

I just got mine the other day, and this little tool is a serious time saver.  I thought I had my chain straight based on the alignment marks on the swingarm, but by being just a hair off, my chain was not straight, which caused some premature chain stretching and damage to my sprockets...  Now that I’ve got this tool in my toolkit, trial and error is no longer necessary. 

To use this little beauty, just remove your chain cover, loosen the large screw on the tool, and slip it over your chain and then clamp it down on your rear sprocket.  Then, loosen the small screw and insert the alignment rod and clamp the little screw back down on it.  Just take a look from above to make sure the chain is aligned with the rod, and that’s that!  There you have it.  A piece of cake to use and it saves time and money. 

Check out this handy How-To video for more info and a demonstration of the proper use of this tool:

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