The 7 Coolest Cop Motorcycles from Around the World


Even cops need to ride in style. We scoured the globe to find some of the slickest police bikes around and came up with a pretty awesome list. Check out these seven impressive cop motorcycles from around the world.

1. Zero MMX – Los Angeles Police Department

Zero MMX – Los Angeles Police Department
Photo Courtesy Zero Motorcycles

The same bike that was modified for U.S. Special Operation Forces is now part of the LAPD’s motorcycle unit. Some of the modifications include adding keyless ignition, a specialized dashboard and the ability to swap out the battery in just a minute.

The LAPD version also comes equipped with emergency lights, sirens, and larger storage space for all of the officer’s necessary gear. And, since it’s electric, it pretty much glides along in silence, making it one of the stealthiest bikes on the road.

2. Suzuki Hayabusa – Queensland Police (Australia)

Suzuki Hayabusa – Queensland Police (New Zealand)

Beware Queensland motorists: The QPS is using unmarked Suzuki Haybusa’s to track drivers violating all sorts of laws including speeding, texting while driving, and seat belt usage.

For QPS the best part of this bike is its low-key look—many people can’t tell until it’s a little too late that they’re being pursued by a police bike. With the ability to go from 0 to 100km/h (62mph) in less than three seconds, the QPS can catch up with whomever they’re chasing.

3. Zero Motorcycles – Northern California

Zero Motorcycles – Northern California
Photo Courtesy Zero Motorcycles

Electric bikes offer police forces something they don’t often have – the element of surprise. With quiet propulsion and quick acceleration, bikes like Zero Motorcycles are quickly becoming the favorite ride of law enforcement.

The quiet is also a bonus to bystanders who won’t necessarily have to worry about a loud engine revving outside and waking up a napping toddler or the added element of noise pollution. Zero Motorcycles keep things quiet, and that makes it easier for officers to do their jobs and puts everyone else at ease.

4. Hi-Tech Police Bike – Mumbai Traffic Police (India)

Hi-Tech Police Bike – Mumbai Traffic Police (India)

Truly a prototype, the Hi-Tech Police Bike used by the Mumbai Traffic Police is the brainchild of Gabriel Zuzarte, an entrepreneur who set out to design a bike specifically made for cops and their needs.

Based on Royal Enfield Electra Twinspark, the prototype police bike is modified with special features, including large metallic boxes behind the seat for carrying equipment, including a laptop and printer, and a rear-facing night-vision capable HD camera. A wider-than-normal front fairing house was installed to hold two strong LED lights and a front-facing night-vision capable HD camera.

5. Yamaha MT-09 Tracer Police – Paris Milipol (France)

Yamaha MT-09 Tracer Police – Paris Milipol (France)

This sleek and slim Yamaha police bike was designed specifically for speed and maneuverability. Developed for rapid urban response teams and general police patrols, the Tracer can hit speeds of 140 mph and still stop in a snap.

It’s also one of the lighter bikes on the market, weighing in at only 463 lbs, even when fueled up and ready to go. To make it even more efficient for law enforcement, the Tracer’s fuel capacity has been upgraded to 18 liters or about 160 driving miles before it needs a refill.

6. Viatura ROCAM – Brazil

Viatura ROCAM – Brazil

Brazilian police officers are accustomed to using motorcycles in their daily patrols, but they’ve never seen a bike quite like this one. Designed by university student Henrique Xavier, the ROCAM boasts a 400cc motor, integrated radio, police lights, and an on-board computer that directly accesses INFOSEG.

Plus, the helmet comes equipped with a Bluetooth speaker and microphone that syncs with the handlebar controls for easy connectivity on the road. The bike can also adjust to varying terrain with an active suspension that can modify the height.

7. Lito Electric “Superbike” – Montreal and Longueuil Police (Canada)

Lito Electric “Superbike” – Montreal and Longueuil Police (Canada)

This superbike lives up to its name. The Lito bike has an on-board battery charging station that can recharge the 12kWh lithium polymer battery in just about 9 hours.

The bike is also light and maneuverable with a frame made of lightweight aluminum 6061-T6. For added comfort, the bike’s seat can be adjusted with little hassle, making the officer’s well-being a priority.

As riding technology advances, there’s no doubt that law enforcement will take advantage of new ways to chase and track perpetrators. For now, officers across the world benefit from the near silent stealth of electric bikes and the added benefit that brings to finding the bad guys.