New 2017 Alpinestars Gear

Alpinestars Protects

Alpinestars has a rich history in motorcycle racing. Born from the small Northern Italy town of Asolo, Sante Mazzarolo saw an opportunity in the quickly growing sport of motocross. Mr. Mazzarolo used his leather craftsmanship to create a new type of footwear that would protect the rider from this beautiful yet brutal sport. This revolutionary boot quickly took off and started the beginning of a long road of producing innovative protection products for motorcycle riders everywhere. Transforming a dream to the company vision, Alpinestars protects.

T-Jaws Air Jacket

T Jaws Air Jacket

The Jaws jacket line from Alpinestars was bred for speed. Each jacket in this line offers the highest end protection to keep you safe on the road, no matter the conditions. The T-Jaws Air Jacket is the ultimate textile jacket to take on any conditions. Built from a light weight poly fabric with mesh panels, this jacket is light and breathable. Inside, a removable wind breaker liner can keep you warm and dry when needed. If you take that liner out this jacket flows massive amounts of air, allowing the rider to breathe.

Light and breathable are all good things, but to make it stand out from the rest Alpinestars truly built this jacket for speed. Featuring a pre-curved sleeve construction with stretch accordion above elbows and behind shoulders the T-Jaws Air was built with the sport rider in mind.

Supertech Glove

Supertech leather gloves

Following the innovative brand’s vision, the Supertech Leather Gloves are a revolutionary step in safety. These Moto GP caliber gloves have had every element put through rigorous testing to create the masterpiece they are today. No corners were cut during the development of the Supertech gloves.

Alpinestars only used the best materials when creating the Supertech gloves. Constructed from supple and strong full-grain kangaroo and cow leather these gloves can stand up to some serious abuse. With the racer I mind, the fingers have been pre-shaped for superior feel and control. This pre-curved construction also reduces rider fatigue.

As they say, Alpinestars protects. The palm and outer hand landing zones have been reinforced with Keprotech for maximum abrasion resistance. The knuckles are protected by the Alpinestars Dynamic Friction Shield (DFS) that features a dual density mold construction that can stand up to multiple impacts. This glove protects from the inside out. Internally the top surface hand, thumb and little finger are lined with Dupont Kevlar Fiber. Of course, the Alpinestars patented third and fourth finger bridge are used to prevent finger roll separation in the event of a slide.

If speed is all you’re about you need gear that can keep up with your pace. The Supertech leather gloves were made to keep up with the fastest riders in the world, they are the ultimate protection in motorcycle gloves.

SP-Z Drystar Gloves

SP-Z Drystar glove

A performance riding glove at a price every rider can appreciate, the SP-Z Drystar glove is built to perform. Built from quality materials this glove is made to last with reinforcements in the landing zones to provide maximum abrasion resistance. The glove is constructed from supple and durable full-grain leather and reinforced with padding and durable PU knuckle protection. More specifically, the palm, fingers and backhand are supported with energy absorbing E.V.A foam for additional protection. The protective cuff closure wraps securely around the riders wrist while protecting the wrist bone from impact.

What makes this glove really stand out from the rest is the unique features that benefit the everyday rider. As the name of the glove states, it is made with a Drystar Performance membrane construction technology. What this does is it actually bonds all layers in the glove, which reduces the overall bulk giving the rider control. It allows better feel of the bike controls and promotes a good level of dexterity. For added comfort the glove is outfitted with leather stretch accordions on fingers for superior fit and flexibility. To keep things modern, Alpinestars made the index finger touch screen compatible. Overall, this glove comes in the ultimate package with protection and comfort all wrapped up in at an affordable price.

Corozal Adventure Boots

Corozal Adventure Drystar Boot

Into adventure? The Corozal is the boot for you. The Corozal features technology from the motocross focused Tech 7 and Tech 10 boots from Alpinestars. A slim bonded sole and ultra-flat inner profile gives the rider the ultimate grip and bike control. Alpinestars incorporated two easy to use ratcheting buckles to provide plenty of support. Like any good adventure, you're likely to run into some crazy weather. Thanks to the Drystar membrane encounters with the rain won't be a reason to pack your bags early, these boots will keep your feet comfortable and dry no matter the climate. TPU shin plate, a bio-mechanical ankle system and toe/heel reinforcements ensure the rider is safe. These boots will keep you safe from the elements and protect your feet in the toughest situations.

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