Proving Grounds: Loretta Lynn's 2016

By: Katy B

Loretta Lynn’s is the most prestigious amateur national championship in motocross. So of course when asked if I could cover the event, I said yes! The greatest of all time in our sport have walked the hollowed grounds at The Ranch. Young racers come here as dreamers and leave as champions. Some even with professional contracts guaranteeing a spot on the top factory teams, talk about a dream ride.

As they say, nothing worthwhile comes easy. This track swallows up dreams in its deep ruts and puts riders to the ultimate test. You can experience three completely different conditions just in one day, you never know if your moto will be muddy, hot or if you’ll be riding a treacherous track. All these factors breed struggle but one thing is certain, you will see a true champion fight their way to the top step of the podium.

Despite the unpredictability of The Ranch’s conditions, there is one constant that has driven Loretta Lynn’s from the beginning; passion. You can see the same passion in the family that is struggling to just line up on the gate as the kid with full factory support. This is what makes our sport so incredible.

The overall atmosphere of the pits at Loretta’s is simply a side effect of the passion that drives this sport. Families pull together to help each other, riders support one another. I experienced the same kindness from others and I wasn’t even there to race. As a reporter, Loretta’s was at first a bit overwhelming as my first event on camera. There were more than a few times that I found myself rather perplexed. Davey Coombs must have sensed this because he seemed to pop up out of nowhere with solid advice. I can’t thank him enough for helping us out.

All in all, Loretta’s was an experience to remember. We had the chance to talk with some of the top amateur riders and brands that support them. We walked a picture perfect track in the middle of beautiful a Tennessee field. We even caught a glimpse of Loretta Lynn herself. This is a piece of our time at Loretta’s for you to experience!

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