Pre-Race Bike & Rider Checklist

Nothing’s worse than showing up to the track without a piece of riding gear you need, or a bike not ready to ride. To avoid the painful drive back home for something, here’s a quick list of things to always make sure you have before you pull out of the driveway. Let’s start with gear. Working from the bottom up, make sure you’ve got every piece of gear you need in your gear bag.

• Socks and Knee Brace Sleeves
• Knee Guards/Braces
• Boots
• Pants
• Jersey
• Chest Protector
• Neck Brace
• Gloves
• Helmet
• Goggles

This technique is surprisingly effective and will make sure you don’t miss anything. Once you know you’ve got your essentials covered, make sure you’ve packed the little things that often get forgotten. Items like extra tear-offs, extra goggles, sweatshirt for cold days and sometimes neck brace tethers often get left at home on days you just so happen to need them.

With all of our gear packed and loaded, let’s take a look at the bike. Just like having proper gear, having a prepared bike is extremely important. Here are a few things you always need to check before you swing a leg over.

• Proper chain tension
• Proper Tire Air Pressure
• Clean Air Filter
• Fresh and Correct Amount of Oil
• Correct Coolant Level
• Adequate Fuel level

Double checking these components, along with regular maintenance will prevent mechanical failure and possibly a long push back to the truck! Now that you’ve got all your gear and your bike is good to go, there are still a few items you’ll definitely need.

Bike Stand
• Gas
Tool Box
• Cooler (With Ice)
• Food (Healthy)
• Water

Going through this simple check list every time before you leave the house is an easy insurance policy, ensuring you have what you need to ride. This certainly isn’t the end all-be all list, however it should keep you from being “that” guy at the track who’s always forgetting something! Lastly, nothing beats a nice cold brewski as a reward for pounding out some motos!