Surviving the Commute - Motorcycle vs. Car

It’s the age old battle of two-wheels vs. four - bikers vs. cagers. Commuting by auto turns us into mind-numbing drones. Smoke a cig, slurp some coffee, check the email and Twitter feed - slaves to our vices and devices. Cut the crap and get your life back. Jump into the saddle of a motorcycle and use that time to free your mind and soul. Arrive at work alert and focused. Get home in a good mood and leave the office BS where it belongs. Don’t just take our word for it. The annual Ride to Work day always takes place on the third Monday of June. Thousands of riders will be out in force to show their enthusiasm and support of two-wheels. We ride because we love bikes, but if you need further convincing about the benefits of motorcycle transportation, check out this link:

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