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Modular Motorcycle Helmets: Ready for any adventure

Modular motorcycle helmets, or flip up helmets are the most versatile helmets on the market. Combining the full protection of a full face, with the freedom of a half or open faced helmet, modular helmets give you the best of both worlds. These hybrid helmets are extremely popular and well equipped for the adventure and touring crowd because of the ability to flip the chin bar up. If you need to stop for a quick drink or snack, or you need to check out your map or GPS, modular helmets make everything easier by being able to simply slide up your chin bar. On a beautiful sunny day, nothing beats the feeling pf the wind on your face. So when you want to take in the scenery and take a break from the knee dragging, modular helmets really open things up. Most modular helmets feature sun screens for when the helmet is in the up position, so you still have eye protection. In addition, brands like Shoei, Schuberth, Bell, HJC, Nolan, Scorpion and LS2 incorporate the same great venting, padding, cushioning and other features found in their other top models. So whether you're touring the coastline or commuting into town, a modular or flip-up helmet is great for any riding occasion.