Shoei X-Twelve Helmets

The Shoei X12 is a race replica helmet designed for track days and serious street motorcycle enthusiasts. With feedback from top-level pro racers, the Shoei X12 was designed from the latest technology around an AIM+ composite shell including carbon fiber, Dyneema and fiberglass. The Shoei X12 helmet is ultra-stable and aerodynamic with an Aero Edge Spoiler 2 and a redesigned rear wing to resist wind buffeting. The CW-1 shield is spring-loaded to pull back into the viewport and seal out wind and rain, it has a wider viewport than the previous X11 and it provides crystal clear vision of the world ripping by. The Shoei X12’s Emergency Quick Release System includes bright red tabs that allow EMTs to easily eject the cheek pads for safer helmet removal. The X12 has a medium-oval shape and features a removable interior lining, and it is eyeglasses compatible. The X12 is also certified to meet Snell safety standards. Motorcycle Superstore has a full selection of Shoei X12 helmets – the true racing helmets for intrepid racers.