Ballistic EVO2 Battery - Lightweight Performance

By: Graham H


In the wide world of motorcycle modification, I had never come across a battery that actually sparked my interest. Batteries usually only come onto the radar of a rider when they become unreliable and leave him or her stranded. However, earlier this year a young company called Ballistic Performance Components released a new product that has forever changed the boring battery status-quo. Weighing in at around 80% less than a traditional lead-acid battery, the Ballistic EVO2 battery lets you drop almost 10 pounds off of the dry weight of your machine. This is a ton compared with the few ounces generally shaved off by the addition of carbon fiber or titanium aftermarket parts.
Ballistic achieved this amazing drop in battery weight by adopting the state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery technology commonly utilized in the modern electronic devices we know and love. These lightweight lithium batteries also supposedly outperform their heavier lead-acid grandparents with double the service life and no need for trickle-charging during long periods of storage. Ballistic claims these EVO2 batteries lose only 10% of their charge in an entire year of static storage.

The Ballistic EVO2 is reported to be impact and water resistant and fitted with hard-mounted brass terminals for use in all powersports applications from 50cc-1800cc. Ballistic Performance Components builds the EVO2 in the USA and backs its quality claims up with a 3-year warranty which surpasses anything currently available in the battery industry. Normally, it takes the words carbon fiber, chrome, titanium, torque or horsepower to get me all hot and bothered about a new motorcycle modification product, but this battery actually gets me pretty, well… charged. With the invention of the Ballistic EVO2, it looks like our motorcycle batteries have started stealing the spotlight from more traditionally popular moto upgrades.

If your posse is up-to-date on bike modification technology, don’t be surprised if they start bragging about their EVO2 lithium batteries in the same sentence as their carbon fiber body kits and titanium exhaust systems.
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