Vintage Seat Conversion Kit

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LED Conversion Headlight Kits
You save $13.96 (20%)
  • Plastic
BikeMaster LED Conversion Headlight Kit · Transport your weak headlights into 21st century with BikeMaster LED headlight conversion kit · Ultra-bright 2200-2400 times lumens, 6500K with a unique an...
Moose Racing Ball Hitch Conversion Kit Converts Moose Utility Trailer from pin to a ball hitch (for other brands drilling may be required) Powder coated steel connector bracket with galvanize...
Moose Push Tube Conversion Kit Kit converts old-style push tubes for use with extended lift system bottom mount kits Extended lift bottom mount kits increase ground clearance to 13"-14" when ...
520 Conversion Kits
$139.00 - $202.99
You save up to $21.96 (10%)
  • Aluminum
Regina 520 Conversion Kits Front sprocket, rear sprocket and a precut chain make a convenient kit for the dealer or consumer Sprockets are made of high-quality steel and have OEM gearing Ch...
Race Tech
Reservoir/Bladder Conversion Kit
You save $7.00 (5%)
  • Brown
Race Tech Reservoir/Bladder Conversion Kit The Race Tech KTM Bladder Cap Kit makes rebuilding WP shocks easier. The Bladder Cap Kit converts the stock piston type reservoir to a "state-of-the-...
Clutch Spring Conversion Kit
You save $17.96 (10%)
Barnett Clutch Spring Conversion Kit Converts diaphragm spring to coil spring for better control and engagement Provides a positive, controllable engagement **Note: Items are bike spec...
S&S Cycle Manifold Conversion Kit Kit converts stock 80" Evolution manifold to a more rigid-mount system. Eliminates cracking and leaking problems associated with stock rubber compliance fittings ...
SDG Bump & Step Seat Cover Kits The SDG step complete seat is an excellent aftermarket dirt bike seat if you're looking to replace your existing seat with one that includes a step. The step seat is...
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