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Sideplates For Variant Speedmetal Helmet

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ICON Raiden Variant Deployed Helmet
Icon Variant Deployed Helmet JOIN THE ICON ARMY Out in the field, your lifeline is trustworthy gear, a sharp blade, and an even sharper wit. The Variant Deployed understands your methodology and ac...
ICON Raiden Variant Battlescar Helmet
Icon Raiden Variant Battlescar Helmet Hardened, calloused and cruel, the outward demeanor of the Variant Battlescar helmet is etched in matte to show contempt and ruthlessness to four wheel poseurs...
ICON Raiden Variant Construct Helmet
Icon Raiden Variant Construct Helmet Stripped of graphics and devoid of undue flair - the Construct is the fleeting apparition of the street. The clean antithesis of the color me rad masses. In a w...
ICON Raiden Variant Splintered Helmet
Icon Raiden Variant Splintered HelmetIcon says the Splintered graphic is their response to people asking for a Hi-Viz colorway; we think it's cause they like wood. Either way, the graphic caps off ...
ICON Raiden Variant Helmet
ICON Raiden
Variant Helmet
$350.00 - $370.00
  • Black
  • Black Rubatone
Icon Raiden Variant Helmet Built with unbridled focus, the Icon Variant is your first strike weapon in the ruthless urban battleground. Using oversized optics, carbon reinforced shell, and an anti-...
Closeout 25% off
ICON Raiden Variant Vitriol Helmet
ICON Raiden
Variant Vitriol Helmet
You save $90.00 (25%)
  • Grey
Closeout 25% off
Icon Raiden Variant Vitriol Helmet Menace and death have come to the Variant helmet and Icon hasn't held back in trying to make the Virtrol feel like a black cloud that darkens the road. Gloom and ...
ICON Raiden Variant Cottonmouth Helmet
Icon Variant Cottonmouth HelmetWrapped in hatred with no venom wasted, the Variant Cottonmouth will not be charmed.  Like a tightly coiled spring, it waits to pounce at the first sign of prey: YOU....
Closeout 22% off
Icon Variant Hard Luck Helmet
Variant Hard Luck Helmet
You save $85.00 (22%)
  • Black
Closeout 22% off
Icon Variant Hard Luck HelmetOf all the Icon helmets, the Variant is the one that stands apart the most. Shaped like some kind of futuristic warrior battle helmet, the look is made even more menaci...
ICON Raiden Variant Thriller Helmet
Icon Raiden Variant Thriller Helmet It's close to midnight and something evil's lurking in theĀ…. Oh wait, sorry, wrong Thriller. The Icon Thriller isn't about choreographed dance moves, it is full ...
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