Short Sissy Bar

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Burly Short Sissy Bar
Short Sissy Bar
You save $17.01 (10%)
  • Black
Burly Short Sissy Bar Classic-styled, one-piece sissy bar Sturdy, TIG-welded steel construction Mount to outside of fender rails for easy installation and removal
Cobra Round Sissy Bar
Round Sissy Bar
$239.99 - $296.95
You save up to $59.96 (20%)
  • Black
  • Chrome
Cobra Round Sissy Bar A great choice for customization, the sissy bar adds versatility to your bike. Passengers will appreciate the back relief provided by the Cobra Round Sissy Bar. The sissy bar ...
Cobra Square Sissy Bar
Square Sissy Bar
$233.95 - $278.95
You save up to $28.00 (10%)
  • Chrome
Cobra Square Sissy Bar For a customized look that adds style and versatility, the sissy bar is the perfect choice for your bike. Your passengers will appreciate the extra back support, and the siss...