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Motion Pro Shock Spring Compressor
Motion Pro Shock Spring Compressor•Safely removes the spring on most coilover shocks•Includes adapters for both clevis and eyelet type shocks•Adapter plates adjust to fit spring retaining collars f...
Progressive Suspension Spring "Kit D"
Progressive Suspension
Spring "Kit D"
You save $5.76 (9%)
  • Black
Progressive Suspension Spring "Kit D" Replaces inadequate stock springs (under chrome cover) with stiffer, more progressive springs Allows rider to tune the suspension with less air pressure for a...
Progressive Suspension Rear Spring
Progressive Suspension
Rear Spring
You save $8.81 (9%)
  • Black
Progressive Suspension Rear Spring Solve the problem of too soft a spring for the GL1800 owners who carry heavy loads and over power the stock spring Made in the U.S.A.