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Scorpio SR-i900 RFID Security System
Scorpio SR-i900 RFID Security System Giving priceless security and convenience, the Scorpio SR-i900R is a one of a kind two-way FM security system that utilizes hands-free RFID technology. Simply w...
Scorpio Perimeter Sensor
Perimeter Sensor
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Scorpio Perimeter SensorSometimes your motorcycle isn't the only thing that needs protection This programmable perimeter sensor from Scorpio provides a remote activated microwave sensor that detec...
Scorpio Remote Ignition Disabler
Remote Ignition Disabler
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Scorpio Remote Ignition DisablerWith this remote ignition disabler from Scorpio you get an advanced ignition kill with anti-hijack features that allow the user to immobilize the ignition system to ...