Pole Position Tire Warmer

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DMP Slingshot Tire Warmers
Slingshot Tire Warmers
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DMP Slingshot Tire Warmers Heating and standby indicator lights Set 170 degree thermostat Heats tires to operating temperature in 20-30 minutes 110 volt/55 watt (each) Sold in sets, sto...
DMP Slingshot Digital Tire Warmers
Slingshot Digital Tire Warmers
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DMP Slingshot Digital Tire Warmers Durable remote digital adjustable thermostat module Single remote digital control allows easy temperature adjustment (104-211 degrees F) from one location ...
PSR Digital Tire Warmer
PSR Digital Tire Warmer Heavy duty fabric with a heat sensitive liner for better heat retention 1 degree incremental adjustment from 104° to 211° fahrenheit Digital thermostatically controlled ...