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Jardine Quick-Detach Passenger Backrest
Quick-Detach Passenger Backrest
You save $47.79 (20%)
  • Steel
Jardine Quick-Detach Passenger Backrest Backrest are available in both steel or aluminum billet Available in short (11 ½“) , tall (15 ½“) and mini (9") Individually show polish...
Show Chrome Armrest/Backrest Combo
Show Chrome
Armrest/Backrest Combo
You save $32.96 (10%)
  • Black
Show Chrome Armrest/Backrest Combo Armrest/Backrest Combo incorporates a smaller contoured driver backrest using materials and designs to match the OEM look. A new design innovation is the sleek si...
Mustang Motorcycle Seats Regal Passenger Pad
Mustang Motorcycle Seats
Regal Passenger Pad
You save $27.40 (10%)
  • Black
Mustang Regal Passenger Pad with Armrests Original style wrap around backrests with 2" longer armrests match Mustang or later model stock Harley-Davidson seats Covering made of highest quality ex...