Oval Slip On Exhaust

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Yoshimura RS-3 Oval Slip-On Exhaust
RS-3 Oval Slip-On Exhaust
You save $37.01 (10%)
  • Stainless Steel
Yoshimura RS-3 Oval Slip-On ExhaustFeatures many of the same design aspects of Pro Series but in a more affordable 304L stainless steel version featuring an RS-3 oval canister design and cone end c...
Cobra Tri-Oval Slip-On Mufflers
Tri-Oval Slip-On Mufflers
$620.95 - $629.95
You save $70.00 (10%)
  • Black
  • Chrome
Cobra Tri-Oval Slip-On Mufflers New Tri-Oval design with full-size, billet V-tip with dual exhaust ports Round front seamlessly morphs to tri-oval shape at the rear Muffler is nearly 5.5 in...