Original Shield For Icon Helmets

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Icon Optics Helmet Shield
Optics Helmet Shield
  • RST Silver
Icon Optics Helmet ShieldThe Icon Optics shield (ic-04) is fitted with a helmet shield lock to keep your shield securely closed. Sideplates (sold separately) mount to each side of the Icon Optics s...
Icon DropShield for Alliance GT Helmets
Icon DropShield for Alliance GT helmets Instead of carrying extra Proshield for changing light conditions.   with the flip of a switch, engage the DropShield hidden within the helmet.  Note: Tinte...
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AFX Shield for FX-12
Shield for FX-12
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  • Silver Mirror
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AFX Shield for FX-12 Optically correct Compound curved Scratch resistant UV Treated "Tinted shields are not recommended for night time use" Actual product may vary from web image
Scorpion EverClear Shield for EXO-AT950
EverClear Shield for Scorpion EXO-AT950 HelmetsWith shields this easy to change, having the right faceshield for the condition should be a rider's first choice. And with the EverClear® No-Fog techn...
Icon Airframe Pro Brozak Helmet
Icon Airframe Pro Brozak Helmet SMILES FOR MILES Nothing says happy time like a pocket full of Brozak™ and a wrist full of throttle.  The AIRFRAME PRO Brozak is all party up front, all demon out ba...
Icon Alliance GT Primary Helmet
Icon Alliance GT Primary HelmetTo please your trichromatic vision, we brought your favorite three primary colors to theparty and The ALLIANCE GT™ Primary helmet gave them each a plus one. Step up y...
Icon Airmada Thriller Helmet
Airmada Thriller Helmet
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  • Black
Icon Airmada Thriller HelmetTwo Thrillers, two different styles. If the Variant Thriller isn't your thing then you're in luck, Icon has made the Airmada Thriller helmet. The teeth are still razor s...
Icon Airframe Pro Deployed Helmet
Icon Airframe Pro Deployed Helmet AIN'T YOUR DADDY'S CAMO Gain the upper hand in the urban mission with AIRFRAME PRO Deployed.  Designed for the aggressive sport riding position with optimized aero...