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Klock Werks Flare Windshield
Klock Werks
Flare Windshield
$169.95 - $299.95
Klock Werks Flare Windshield Flare Windshields are Wind tunnel designed and tested, the "hips" provide added downforce while the flip at the tip directs air over the rider to help eliminate the sw...
Klock Werks Custom Metal Dash
Klock Werks Custom Metal Dash Smooth out your tank for a clean, low-profile look Available in E-coated version ready for paint and finishing or brilliantly chromed; both with dash trim Use ...
Klock Werks Saddlebag Extensions
Klock Werks Saddlebag Extensions Use these extensions to create the stretched smooth look that Klock Werks baggers are known for.  Klock Werks high-quality fender extension will give your Harley ...
Klock Werks Flush-Mount Front Axle
Klock Werks Flush-Mount Front Axle Made from stress-proof steel that is two to three times stronger than stock and is black-nitrate coated for superior corrosion resistance Polished stainless end...
Klock Werks Metal Sign
Klock Werks Metal Sign Thinking of decorating the wall? Sure a poster will do but a metal sign from Klock Werks takes you up to the next level. 025" die-cut aluminum sign Draw attention to display...
Throttle Threads Klock Werks Shop Shirt
Throttle Threads Klock Werks Shop Shirt Exclusive shop wear Constructed of a 65/35 Polyester/cotton blend Button-closure chest pockets Pen stall in left pocket Embroidered with front and back patches
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