Dual Fire Electronic Ignition System

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Dynatek Twin Fire II Coil
Dynatek Twin Fire II Coil Single fire just got easier New technology allows two coils to be in the same space as the stock coil, but with greater output No exposed laminations to rust Bra...
Dynatek 3 OHM Dual-Output Coils
Dynatek 3 OHM Dual-Output Coils 3 ohm, 12 volt, angled dual output Sold in a pair Dyna Coils are the industry standard, delivering 35,000 volts with spark energies second to none Made to ...
Yoshimura R-77 Exhaust System
R-77 Exhaust System
$458.99 - $1,034.99
You save $114.01 (10%)
  • SS Headers / CF Sleeve / CF End Cap
Yoshimura R-77 Exhaust Systems Every element of the Yoshimura Full Exhaust System is designed with one thing in mind, Power! The R-77 consists of a trapezoidal-shaped sleeve, maximizing muffler vol...
Mikuni Pulse Fuel Pump
Pulse Fuel Pump
You save $2.96 (8%)
Pulse Mikuni Fuel Pump The Pulse Mikuni Fuel Pump employs an engine's fluctuation in crankcase pressure to pump fuel from a remote fuel tank to an engine's carburetor.This rectangular Pulse Mikuni ...