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Hot Cams
Cam Chains
$8.99 - $110.99
You save up to $18.96 (15%)
Hot Cams Cam Chains"M" style Silent chainExclusive heat treated links create excellent friction and impact resistanceEngineered to exceed OEM specifications and tolerances
Cam Chain
$38.99 - $64.99
You save up to $21.13 (25%)
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Wiseco Cam Chain Made from premium materials to reduce friction and increase service life “M” style chain gives you maximum strength and durability Wiseco’s in-house en...
Pro X Racing Parts
Cam Chain
$50.09 - $84.43
Pro X Racing Parts Cam Chain Manufactured in Japan by Borg Warner Designed to O.E.M. specifications Strong M-Type chain which has special heat treated pins plus advanced pin and link connections f...
PSR Manual Cam Chain Tensioner Made from billet aluminum Removes out-of-timing problems, premature engine wear and excess tension caused by an automatic or hydraulic tensioner Gunmetal finish
Rocket Cams Chain Drive 584 CamsHot high-lift cams for upgraded engines of 103" or 107" cubic inch displacement For use with ported heads and minimum 10.0:1 compression ratio Deliver constant power...
Rocket Cams Chain Drive 634 Cams Mighty street performance for modified engines 107" or larger Thrilling mid-and top-end power, work best with compression ratios 11.25:1 and higher Must have a free...
Rocket Cams Chain Drive 574 CamsPowerful street/cruising bolt in cams Above-average midrange power, work great with stock or up to 10:1 compression ratio Make best power with a free-flowing air cle...
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