1. Windshield Rain Repellent

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Cycle Care Formula 3 Windshield Paint and Chrome Polish
$15.95 - $69.95
…Formula 3 Windshield Paint and Chrome Polish Cycle Care Formula 3 is a unique formulation designed to produce a glass-like shine on painted or clear coated finishes and chrome surfaces. Use to polish and fill in light scratches on Plexiglas, Lexan, Acrylic or factory coated windscreens. Repels water…
Memphis Shades 8oz Windshield Polish
…8oz Windshield PolishMemphis Shades All Kleer is a highly effective, unique motorcycle windshield and/or fairing cleaner & polish, that cleans, polishes, repels rain and inhibits fog all while leaving a super-slick finish. Works great on Visors Removes bug residue, dissolves grease, and repels dust…
Cycle Care Formula 33 Spray Wipe Polish and Cleaner
$7.95 - $59.95
(2 reviews)
…33 is non-streaking and will provide protection, as well as provide a water repellent shine, but it will not harm any surface including pin stripping, custom paint, or murals. Enhances shedding of rain water from windshields Designed to be used as a quick-fix or touch up on all surfaces. It polishes…
Dowco Guardian Ultralite Plus Cover
$48.99 - $55.99 MSRP $53.95-$61.95
(123 reviews)
…cover with compact design and small size Rip stop polyester for tear and abrasion resistance UV and water repellent coating protects against dirt, pollution, harsh sunlight and light rain or moisture Dries faster than heavier polyester covers Two sewn-in vent flaps lets moisture escape A sewn-in…
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