1. Windshield Extender

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Slip Streamer BaggerShield
$135.99 - $193.79 You save up to $34.16 (14%)
…mode or extends up when in touring mode to give the rider and passenger the ultimate touring protection. All of the windshields are made of aircraft grade Lucite® acrylic which offers the industry's highest clarity and quality. Sport shield is smoke colored with a clear touring shield Windshield
…This high quality cover is water resistant and fits all makes and models. It's self contained storage pouch fits in the storage compartment of a windshield bag with most sleds making it ideal for overnight trips.It also doubles as a perfect "dust cover" for shops and for general storage. In fact it…
Memphis Shades Batwing Fairing
$279.95 - $299.95
Windshields are available in three heights and seven translucent colors 5 in. windshields are solid translucent while 7 in. and 9 in. windshields are gradient translucent Optional wind deflectors extend the lower fairing surface for smooth and increased air flow Also available is a windshield
Windshield from Memphis Shades Lowers work with Sportshields as well as Memphis Fats and Slim Provide additional protection by extending your coverage downward to shield rider from rain, wind and noise coming up from the road Made of the same high-quality materials as Memphis Shades windshields with…
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