1. Wet Clutch Oil

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Bel-Ray ATV Trail Mineral 4T Engine Oil
$7.69 - $28.01 You save up to $4.94 (18%)
…anti-wear chemistry eliminates wear, extending engine life Petroleum-based formula for the unique demands of 4T ATVs and UTVs Rust Defense System coats engine components for corrosion protection Wear protection extends engine life For air-cooled / liquid-cooled 4T engines with wet clutches
Motorex Hypoid Gear Oil Semi-synthetic, peak-pressure transmission oil For motorcycle gear and universal joint lubrication Handles extreme loads at all temperatures Specifications: API GL-5 **Note: Not for use in wet clutch applications.
…knocking, and oil consumption in worn engines Raises oil pressure, adds lubricity, lowers temperatures and stops leaks It  also extends oil life by at least 50% Safely blends with all petroleum products, even synthetics Will not void new motorcycle warranties and is safe for use with wet clutches
Bel-Ray Sport Transmission Fluid
$9.99 You save $1.50 (13%)
…demands of Sportster V-Twin motorcycle transmissions equipped with wet clutches. Bel-Ray® Sports Transmission Fluid flows freely for better clutch cooling and provides positive clutch engagement for better starts and longer clutch life while protecting highly-loaded gears from wear, ensuring…
Torco MTF Racing Transmission Fluid
$11.49 You save $1.01 (8%)
wet clutch transmissions. These fluids are a balanced blend of the most advanced synthetic and high VI petroleum base stocks, offering superior film strength, high shear stability, anti-wear, anti-foam, anti-oxidation and shock load protection. MTF improves shifting, clutch engagement and clutch
Bel-Ray Gear Saver Transmission Oil
$10.49 You save $2.00 (16%)
…heat. It won't foam or break down. Formulated to protect transmission gears from wear Positive clutch engagement for better starts and longer clutch life Protects shafts, bearings and gears For air-cooled / liquid-cooled 2T / 4T engines with wet clutches OEM Gearcase Oil for Polaris ATVs and UTVs
Maxima MTL Transmission Oil
$8.99 You save $0.96 (9%)
…to the serious competitor. Features: Reduces clutch slippage Reduces clutch wear Protects transmission gears Protects against all mechanical wear Anti-foam formula 3 viscosities for all types of competition For all air and water-cooled 2-cycle and 4-cycle transmissions with wet clutch systems
…strength eliminates metal-to-metal contact for less friction, wear and heat. It won't foam or break down. Formulated for motorcycle racing transmissions Maximum clutch performance and smooth shifting Wear protection extends clutch life For air-cooled / liquid-cooled, 4T engines with wet clutches
Motul 3000 Petroleum Oil
$7.99 - $29.99 You save up to $6.96 (15%)
Motul 3000 Petroleum Motor Oil Premium high performance engine oil for all 4-stroke motorcycles with or without a wet clutch and an integrated gearbox. Specially designed to handle the extreme pressures and high temperatures of today's sportbikes, the most powerful cruisers and MX bikes.
Motul Transoil Expert Gear Box Oil
$8.99 - $10.99 You save up to $1.51 (17%)
…Gear Box Oil Mineral-based, TRANSOIL is specially formulated for gearboxes with wet clutches in 2-stroke motorcycle engines. Anti-wear, anti-corrosion and anti-foam capabilities Makes gear shifting smoother Transoil Expert 10W40 is a synthetic blend Note: For gearboxes without wet clutches, use GEAR…
Silkolene Light-Gear Oil
$9.99 You save $0.96 (8%)
Silkolene Light-Gear Oil Synthetic fortified blended gear oil Developed for use in offroad and competition transmissions Outstanding anti-wear properties even under severe loads Can be used in all wet clutch systems including Kevlar® types Meets API-GL3 and GL4 requirements for motorcycles only SAE…
Maxima Maxum4 Premium Oil
$7.99 - $164.99
…in high performance engines Features: Viscosity stable formula All weather service Easy starts High temperature additive system Reduces wear & friction Formulated for "Wet" clutches Premium petroleum base Exceeds API SG/CC specs Turbo certified Exceeds proposed JASO-MA M/C Specific 4T Specs
Maxima Maxum4 Extra Oil
$14.99 - $53.99 You save up to $6.00 (9%)
…“shear-down” of the oil. Features: Viscosity stable formula Anti-scuff & anti-wear for valve train protection Reduces friction & engine temperatures All weather formula Easy starts Reduces engine wear Formulated for “Wet” clutches Improves fuel economy Smoother transmission…
Maxima Maxum4 Blend Oil
$9.99 - $33.99 You save up to $3.00 (4%)
…& Anti-wear for valve train protection Reduces friction & engine temperatures Multi-Viscosity, all-weather formulation Reduces engine wear Easy starts Exceeds proposed JASO-MA M/C Specific 4T Specs Extends drain intervals Exceeds API SG/CC specs Turbo certified Formulated for "Wet" clutches
Motul Twin-Syn 20w50
$10.99 You save $1.51 (12%)
…excellent engine oil. Tough enough to be used in the primary case of both large and small V-Twin engines Will handle the pressures of the wet clutch-gearbox combo and the chain-wet clutch combo Will perform excellently for powerplants that have all three compartments (engine, clutch, gearbox)…
Bel-Ray EXP Synthetic Ester Blend 4T Engine Oil
$10.99 - $33.99 You save up to $5.00 (8%)
…anti-wear and deposit control for premium lubrication performance and engine protection. Synthetic blend infused with Extreme Pressure (anti-wear additives) Lowers engine temperatures and increases horsepower Extended change intervals For air-cooled / liquid-cooled 4T engines with wet clutches
…sealing the piston rings, improves compression, fights fuel dilution, extends oil drain intervals and provides excellent film strength over a wider temperature range These oils are designed for both engine and wet clutch applications and are not friction modified to provide the highest performance…
…not found in other brands These oils provide more power by increasing film strength between the cylinder wall and piston ring It improves compression, fights fuel dilution and provides protection over a wide temperature range Designed for both engine and wet clutch applications and are not friction…
Bel-Ray Works Thumper Racing Synthetic Ester 4T Engine Oil
$17.81 - $67.96 You save up to $12.53 (17%)
oil. Synthetic ester formula for the ultimate Thumper experience Withstands extreme racing conditions For air-cooled / liquid-cooled 4T engines with wet clutches High viscosity stability Smooth power transfer prevents clutch grabbing for an easily controlled and efficient gear shiftring and clutch
…and commercial vehicles where required. Features: SAE 70R 1 and 3, SAE J70C and SAE J1703 A to F FMVSS116 DOT 5.1, DOT 4 and DOT 3 ISO 4925 Wet Boiling Point 155 degrees Celsius (311 F) Initial Boiling Point exceeds 230 degrees Celsius (446 F) *Note: For use with Hydraulic Clutch Assemblies Only
Motorex Scooter Gear Oil ZX Synthetic-performance scooter gear oil Optimum friction coefficient Developed to provide a smooth drive for scooters with a a continuously variable drive transmission Convenient, easy-to-use tube Specification: SAE 80W90 / API GL-4/5 **Note: Not to be used in wet-clutch…
Motorex Top Speed 4T Oil Fully synthetic, high-performance 4-stroke motorcycle oil with excellent wet clutch performance High friction-coefficient Decreases oil consumption; protects against wear No moly additives Specifications: JASO MA/API SG/ACEA A3
Repsol Lubricants Moto Transmission OilMineral transmission/gearbox oil Formulated for use in Gear Boxes Insures wet clutches perform without slippage in all conditions Prolongs the life of gearbox components SAE 10W40, JASO MA2 Certified, and SAE 80W90, API GL4
Bel-Ray Gear Saver Hypoid Gear Oil
$10.49 You save $2.00 (16%)
…operation. Formulated for separate transmissions and final drive units Smoother shifting and reduced gear whine Extreme Pressure additives reduce component wear For motorcycles and ATVs (not for wet clutches) OEM Transmission Oil for Polaris ATVs and UTVs **Closeouts are limited to stock on hand**
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