1. Waterproof Pants

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Icon Patrol Waterproof Overpants
$240.00 - $256.00 You save up to $64.00 (20%)
Icon Patrol Waterproof OverpantsAnyone who has ridden in the rain knows it's your legs that bear the brunt of the precipitation. From tire spray to wind blast to passing vehicles - keeping your lower half dry has been a challenge. Until now. Introducing the Patrol Waterproof Pants. Built using the…
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Icon Patrol Raiden Waterproof Pants
$272.00 - $288.00 You save up to $72.00 (20%)
Icon Patrol Raiden Waterproof PantsMore than just an overpant for the daily commute, the Icon Patrol Raiden is an overpant with aspirations for bigger things. Journeys into sketchy third world countries and fast, wide open tank slappers over deep gravel roads are what this riding pant is all about.…
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