V Star 650

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Cigarette Lighter Map Light
You save $2.54 (14%)
  • Black
Emgo Cigarette Lighter Map Light Dual-purpose unit has clip for hanging on bars Button-activated element for lighting cigarettes Button-activated map light 1' coiled cord plugs into cigarette ...
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WF-920HD Wild Flare Heavy Duty Rear Tire
$149.99 - $157.94
You save up to $30.01 (15%)
  • Blackwall
WF-920HD Wild Flare Heavy Duty Rear Tire Fantastic look with performance to match Reliable performance and durability Tubeless design Blackwall Also available in heavy duty version that...
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Crankcase Vent Filters
$23.99 - $30.42
You save up to $8.57 (21%)
  • Chrome w/ Stud
K&N Crankcase Vent Filters Features a steel base, one-piece chrome with stud design Measures 2" in dia. and 1 1/2" H; comes with or without a mounting stud
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Magnum Plus Mirror
You save $6.00 (10%)
  • Chrome
Kuryakyn Magnum Plus Mirror Magnum Plus Mirrors from Kuryakyn position the mirror head outward 2" farther than standard Magnum mirrors Flat glass, allows for a larger image Available in small (5" ...
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Drag Specialties Black Shrink Tubing Available in five sizes and 5' and 25' lengths Made in the U.S.A. Sizes: .1875" Shrink to .052" .250" Shrink to .125" .500" Shrink to .25...
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Show Chrome
Mini Highway Bars
$99.00 - $206.99
You save up to $22.96 (9%)
  • Chrome
Show Chrome Mini Highway Bars Chrome steel-tube highway bars Accommodate 1-1/4" clamps for mounting pegs Mount to existing frame holes **Note: Item may differ from image depending on bike make a...
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Accel High-Temperature Exhaust Wrap Kit Wraps will increase power and reduce radiated exhaust heat Kits include 25ft. 2-in. wide top quality high-temperature wrap and four stainless steel tie...
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Ellipse Mirror
You save $13.00 (10%)
  • Chrome
Kuryakyn Ellipse Mirror These state of the art custom mirrors are cut from the same mold as the turn signal mirrors - but they do not have the running light and turn signal functions They featur...
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Big Shot Sportshield from Memphis Shades The Big Shot is the biggest Sportshield available from Memphis Shades For use on Metric cruisers Sleek styling with maximum coverage Measures 21...
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SR733F Front Cruiser Tire
$56.95 - $74.99
You save up to $29.96 (28%)
  • Blackwall
Shinko SR733F Front Cruiser Tire Designed for the rider who likes to tour, the Shinko SR733F front tire delivers good mileage, comfort and all weather traction at a price that embarrasses most of t...
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Show Chrome Rubber Kickstand FootWhen you want to avoid scuffs on your showroom floor, don't settle for a piece of cardboard. Set that kickstand out on this durable Show Chrome Rubber Kickstand Foo...
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Maintenance Free Battery
$24.03 - $135.25
You save up to $31.70 (18%)
  • Black
Yuasa Maintenance Free Battery Special absorbed glass mat battery eliminates water loss, permitting the battery to be permanently sealed once it is filled with acid; Acid Pak included Truly the wo...
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Uni Air Filter
Clamp-On "Pod" Filter
$12.99 - $18.99
You save up to $1.96 (9%)
  • Black
Uni Air Filter Clamp-On Pod Air Filter Same efficient design as the sock filter Uni Air Filter's Pod Filter has a seamless design for maximum air flow A durable vinyl base mount will al...
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AM26 Roadrider Rear Tire
$85.99 - $159.99
You save up to $82.00 (33%)
  • Blackwall
Avon AM26 Roadrider Rear Tire A tire that is solid across the board, the Avon AM26 Roadrider features a tread design that corners predictably and is confidence inspiring in wet conditions. Availabl...
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Russell Anodized Fuel Filters Premium-quality custom Russell fuel filters with alloy cases and replaceable bronze elements Compact size for easy installation; available in two sizes and seve...
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