1. True Dual Exhaust

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Python Predator Round Slip-On Mufflers
$428.95 - $494.95
…style Aggressive exhaust note attests to the marked gains you'll feel in torque and horsepower Matched with Python True Dual Headers, Predator Slip-on Mufflers make the ultimate true dual system Designed and made in the U.S.A. Click Here for Python True Dual Headers Click Here for Additional Exhaust
Samson True Dual Headers
$485.99 MSRP 539.95
(1 review)
Samson True Dual Headers High-performance "True Dual" header systems allow exhaust gases to flow more efficiently, reduces heat on the right side and improves airflow cooling to the rear cylinder. 09-11 systems feature 2 1/4" full-coverage, 220° heat shields on both pipes; L85-08 systems feature…
Vance & Hines Big Shot Duals Exhaust System
$683.99 - $733.99 MSRP $759.95-$814.95
(2 reviews)
…Big Shot Duals Exhaust System The ultimate complete system for late-model touring machines Armed with full-coverage, 220 degree-wrap, 2 1/2" heat shields that are essentially blue-proof for long lasting style Heat shields surround 1 3/4" headpipes that flow into 2 1/8" muffler bodies True 2-into-2…
Fairing Factory Extended Saddlebags
…perfect fit & the extended portion provides extra usable storage space. Features: Designed for Dual Exhaust Set includes bags & lids All mounting holes match stock locations Re-use stock hardware for a true bolt-on experience Raw finish - Molded with highly polished tooling so minimal prep required…
SuperTrapp 2-into-2 True Dual Headers
$416.99 - $462.99 MSRP $462.95-$513.95
SuperTrapp 2-into-2 True Dual Headers SuperTrapp True Duals raised the bar for the standard of attractive pipes, breaking the mold of the “cookie cutter” true duals that are already out there. The design of these head pipes is completely new and unlike anything else out there on the…
Bassani Hutch Special True Dual Headers
$494.99 MSRP 549.95
(1 review)
Bassani Hutch Special True Dual Headers Quality 16-gauge steel construction with a polished chrome finish Unlike many true dual headers, the front cylinder pipe routes to the left and the rear cylinder pipe routes to the right Include full-coverage heat shields Headers will not work with OEM…
L.A. Choppers Tru Power True Dual Exhaust Headers
$463.99 MSRP 514.95
L.A. Choppers Tru Power True Dual Exhaust Headers Header pipes are dyno-designed to maximize torque and performance 2 1/8 in. outside diameter header pipes maximize acceleration, style and sound Provide balance and symmetry, giving your bike a tight, tough look Built-in mounts for Oxygen sensors…
SuperTrapp True Duals Exhaust System
$462.99 MSRP 513.95
SuperTrapp True Duals Exhaust System Design accommodates the new 12mm heated Oxygen sensor and new sensor locations that have been changed Feature full length 2-1/4” heat shields that protect the pipes and keep the rider and passenger's legs cool Give riders the option of adding variety of…
Cobra Nomad True Dual Classic Exhaust System with Billet Tip
$566.99 MSRP 629.95
Cobra Nomad True Dual Classic Exhaust System with Billet Tip This Cobra True Dual system increases the performance over the stock machines. Complete with heatshields that do not turn blue. This system is a vast improvement over the stock system. Its 4" mufflers have proprietary technology to prevent…
Cobra True Dual Headers
$368.99 MSRP 409.95
(6 reviews)
Cobra True Dual Headers One-piece full-length, 2.5-inch diameter heat shields cover the pipes from the exhaust ports to the chromed, muffler bodies. The heat shields are a larger diameter than most other offerings on the market and the single-piece shields (especially on the rear pipe) are singular…
Rush Racing Products Tip Compatible Slip-On Mufflers
$251.99 - $278.99 MSRP $279.95-$335.95
(1 review)
…use with stock crossover head system only Use 1-3/4" on left side and 2" or 2-1/4" on right side To maximize performance of baffles, tuning modifications may be required Works great with Rush True Dual Head Pipe Click Here for Additional Exhaust Information **Closeouts are limited to stock on hand**
Rush Racing Products True Dual Headers
$449.99 - $485.99 MSRP $499.99-$539.99
(6 reviews)
Rush Racing Products True Dual Headers True Dual Headers has cerami-coat applied to the inside and outside of the exhaust system. The metallic and polymer resin portions of the coating form both a sacrificial layer and a barrier to corrosion caused by heat.The cerami-coat aids in heat retention from…
SuperTrapp Stout Slip-On Exhaust
$629.99 MSRP 699.95
(1 review)
…Slip-Ons provide a heavy, broad spread power curve right from idle2.4dB louder than stock @ 95.6dB Heavy, broad spread power curve from idle 9.3 (16%) hp & 10.5 (14%) torque gain over stock SAE-J2825 sound compliant Compatible w/ SuperTrapp True Duals Click Here for Additional Exhaust Information
Python True Dual Headers
Python True Dual Headers Complete your touring bike exhaust system with True Duals Whether your bike already has a set of Python mufflers or is still running stock, True Duals will dramatically cut down the heat the stock crossover system generates on the right side 2 1/8 in. 220 degrees…
Freedom Performance American Outlaw Dual Exhaust
$1049.99 - $1099.99
…American Outlaw Dual Exhaust Freedom True-Duals are the most stunning display of engineering and precision on the market, consisting of blue-proof heat-shield technology throughout the entire pipe. "Feel the power of Freedom" while you burn the asphalt. Performance exhaust that runs on the…
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