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Bel-Ray Gear Saver Hypoid Gear Oil
$10.49 You save $2.00 (16%)
…quieter and smoother operation. Formulated for separate transmissions and final drive units Smoother shifting and reduced gear whine Extreme Pressure additives reduce component wear For motorcycles and ATVs (not for wet clutches) OEM Transmission Oil for Polaris ATVs and UTVs **Closeouts are limited…
Bel-Ray Sport Transmission Fluid
$9.99 You save $1.50 (13%)
Bel-Ray Sport Transmission Fluid Bel-Ray® Sports Transmission Fluid has been developed for the unique demands of Sportster V-Twin motorcycle transmissions equipped with wet clutches. Bel-Ray® Sports Transmission Fluid flows freely for better clutch cooling and provides positive clutch…
Maxima MTL Transmission Oil
$8.96 You save $0.99 (9%)
Maxima MTL Transmission Oil MTL has been significantly improved with new technologically advanced additive systems that drastically improve clutch life and reduce slippage. While accomplishing this, MTL provides outstanding anti-wear protection and lubrication to the transmission as well. This new…
Repsol Lubricants Moto Transmission Oil
$10.19 You save $1.80 (15%)
Repsol Lubricants Moto Transmission OilMineral transmission/gearbox oil Formulated for use in Gear Boxes Insures wet clutches perform without slippage in all conditions Prolongs the life of gearbox components SAE 10W40, JASO MA2 Certified, and SAE 80W90, API GL4
Maxima Hypoid Synthetic Gear Oil
$17.99 You save $2.00 (10%)
Maxima Hypoid Synthetic Gear Oil Maxima 100% Synthetic Gear Oil is an advanced lubricant specifically formulated for motorcycle shaft drive applications and transmission fluid for BMW® and Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. Maxima Gear Oil greatly enhances shifting on many twin cylinder motorcycles.
Maxima Scooter Gear Oil
$5.39 You save $0.60 (10%)
Maxima Scooter Gear Oil Features: Specially designed for the hard working conditions of scooter and moped transmissions. Superior lubricating properties withstand successive full speed start-ups and stops in city driving conditions. Good oil film retention for various driving conditions, idle, sharp…
Red Line V-Twin Transmission Oil SockProof features microscopic solid medium to provide cushioning between gear teeth, while maintaining lower drag For all H-D and aftermarket transmissions
Silkolene Medium-Gear Oil
$9.99 You save $0.96 (8%)
Silkolene Medium-Gear Oil Synthetic fortified blended oil Developed for use in offroad and competition transmissions Outstanding anti-wear properties even under severe loads Can be used in all wet clutch systems including Kevlar® types Meets API-GL3 and GL4 requirements for motorcycles only SAE…
…off road and competition 4-stroke motorcycles and ATVs Re-engineered for cleaner running engines and high power output Optimized for high-temperature durability during long rides or short races Specifically engineered high-performance additive system for superb engine and transmission protection
Bel-Ray EXL Mineral 4T Engine Oil
$7.19 - $25.99 You save up to $3.96 (20%)
…Mineral 4T Engine Oil EXL is the motor oil staple among motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide, featuring the highest quality petroleum base oils and Bel-Rays exclusive extreme pressure and anti-wear chemistry to provide excellent performance and protection for all engines, transmissions and clutch…
Bel-Ray Big Twin Transmission Oil
$11.01 You save $1.48 (11%)
Bel-Ray Big Twin Transmission Oil Bel-Ray Big Twin Transmission Oil is a multi-grade transmission oil formulated for sliding contacts of spiral bevel gears in differentials and shaft drive transmissions. It provides superior anti-wear, added power, smooth shifting and gear protection. Perfect for…
Silkolene Light-Gear Oil
$9.99 You save $0.96 (8%)
Silkolene Light-Gear Oil Synthetic fortified blended gear oil Developed for use in offroad and competition transmissions Outstanding anti-wear properties even under severe loads Can be used in all wet clutch systems including Kevlar® types Meets API-GL3 and GL4 requirements for motorcycles only SAE…
Biker's Choice Oil Change-In-A-Box
$42.99 - $55.99 You save up to $5.96 (8%)
Oil Change-In-A-Box Everything needed for an oil change Sportster kits include 3 quarts 20W50 Biker's Choice oil, 1 quart of Biker's Choice Sportlube and 1 Biker's Choice chrome oil filter Big Twin kits include 4 quarts 20W50 Biker's Choice oil, 2 quarts of Biker's Choice Semi-synthetic transmission
Torco Trans Lube
$14.39 You save $1.56 (9%)
…and petroleum based oils designed to protect all gear face surfaces and bearing components found in Harley® and aftermarket transmissions. Torco's race proven extreme pressure and anti-friction chemistry promotes the highest degree of protection for extended transmission life. Provides smooth…
Lucas Oil Synthetic Gear and Transmission Oil Super-slick, long lasting lubricants designed especially for heavy duty or high performance applications where regular gear lubricants just aren't good enough They contain a special additive package that increases lubricity and insures less gear noise…
…than stock Precision machined from billet T-6 aircraft quality aluminum to aerospace tolerances CR250 Cover increases oil capacity in transmission from 650cc to 800cc and directs oil back in clutch, both features greatly increasing heat dissipation **Note: 07-08 CRF150R - Special order item, please…
…working components of your clutch actuation components and transmission Design matched to the Clarity line of products Easy bolt-on installation CNC machined from billet aluminum Specialty coating on Polycarbonate does not allow oil and grease to adhere Proprietary abrasion and UV-resistant film…
Bel-Ray Thumper Gear Saver Transmission Oil
$9.99 You save $1.50 (13%)
Bel-Ray Thumper Gear Saver Transmission Oil When it comes to ultimate transmission and clutch protection, nothing beats Bel-Ray Gear Saver. Extreme Pressure additives absorb the heaviest shock loads that regular motor oils just can't handle. Ultrahigh film strength eliminates metal-to-metal contact…
Maxima Maxum4 Blend Oil
$9.44 - $33.29 You save up to $3.70 (10%)
…critical engine components, reduces wear, friction, temperature, oil consumption and extends drain intervals. The use of new anti-shear additives assures viscosity stability for motorcycle 4-cycle engines with integrated transmissions. This formula also has extra anti-scuff additives to handle…
…Modified Thumper Racing 4T Engine Oill Looking for a premium motor oil with even more protection? Look no further, Bel-Ray has you covered with this superior engineered oil. Formulated for motorcycles with separate engines and transmissions Reduced cylinder and ring wear Extends bearing life Reduces…
Maxima Maxum4 Premium Oil
$7.19 - $164.48 You save up to $18.27 (10%)
…stable and long life multi-grade motorcycle specific oil. By using an exclusive blend of petroleum base stocks and advanced anti-wear, anti-shear additives, this product assures viscosity stability for 4-cycle engines with integrated transmissions. This formula also has extra anti-scuff additives to…
Maxima Maxum4 Extra Oil
$14.84 - $53.99 You save up to $6.00 (10%)
…believe to be the finest 4-cycle motorcycle specific oil available on the market today. The very latest shear stable polymer systems have been used to assure viscosity stability and virtually eliminate transmission “shear-down” of the oil. Features: Viscosity stable formula Anti-scuff &…
Maxima 530 MX Ester Synthetic Oil
$16.64 You save $1.85 (10%)
…Ester/Synthetic Oil Features:100% ester-based synthetic 4-cycle oil MX/Offroad - Used and endorsed by Pro Circuit and other top factory teams More horsepower, increased torque and excellent clutch feel Advanced additives ensure the ultimate in protection for critical engine, transmission and clutch…
Motorex Gear Oil Semi-synthetic transmission oil for separately lubricated gearboxes in 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines Also excellently suited for Vespas Makes for a clean separation of clutch discs Reduces the effort required to select gears Use wherever 75wt, 80wt, 85wt gear oil is recommended…
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