1. Tire Size

Dunlop D404 Metric Cruiser Rear Tire
$89.99 - $131.99 MSRP $142.23-$212.29
(475 reviews)
…value and a size range to fit both modern cruisers and many older bikes, the Dunlop D404 rear cruiser tire sets the bar for all other cruiser tires to be judged against.Bringing great value and a size range to fit both modern cruisers and many older bikes, the Dunlop D404 rear cruiser tire sets the…
Dunlop D404 Metric Cruiser Front Tire
$75.99 - $134.99 MSRP $116.94-$210.53
(268 reviews)
Tire Get a Mail-In Rebate of $20 with the purchase of a set of Dunlop D404 Tires.  Offer valid on purchases made between March 1st and April 30th, 2014.  Get rebate form here. Bringing great value and a size range to fit both modern cruisers and many older bikes, the Dunlop D404 front cruiser tire
Metzeler ME 880 Marathon XXL Front Tire
$195.99 - $196.99 MSRP $287.95-$289.95
(5 reviews)
…and under hard acceleration and braking Be conscious of the difference between radial tires and bias-ply tires when switching sizes Ideal for high-quality, custom-built cruiser bikes **Notes: 130/60VR-18 tire should not be used with Bagger or Dresser models 120/70V-21 is bias ply 140/70V-21 may…
Shinko 705 Series Dual Sport Rear Tire
$52.99 - $108.99 MSRP $76.95-$150.95
(196 reviews)
…performance bargain. With an aggressive tread pattern, the 705 rear tire balances superb all weather street handling ability with competent off road capability. Rubber compound resists chunking during off road use All sizes are designed for front or rear fitment, unless noted 4-ply nylon…
Avon SM Mark II Rear Tire
$114.99 - $176.99 MSRP $163.99-$251.95
(9 reviews)
…and a smooth ride Tube type S-rated for speeds up to 112 mph Perfect match to the AM6 Speedmaster Rib Front Tire **Note: The 5.00 x 16 tire has a different tread pattern than the standard SM Mark II tire sizes. See Multi-View for tread pattern images. **Closeouts are limited to stock on hand**
IRC MB-510 Front - Rear Scooter Tire
$45.99 - $57.99 MSRP $56.95-$71.95
IRC MB-510 Front - Rear Scooter Tire The MB-510 Scooter Tire is available in four popular sizes They provide good traction, braking and steering at an affordable price Blackwall *Note: Size 4.00-10 is tubeless, All other sizes are tube type tires
Kenda K761 Dual Sport Rear Tire
$56.99 - $79.99 MSRP $85.99-$93.99
(136 reviews)
…street mix, the K761 is the more street focused tire in Kenda's dual sport tire lineup. Able to corner and brake like a full street tire, the K761 is nonetheless capable of comfortably exploring gravel and dirt roads. Exactly what an adventure touring tire should be like. Unbeatable combination of…
Dunlop D606 Dual Sport Rear Tire
$89.99 - $93.99 MSRP $144.58-$151.83
(92 reviews)
…on everything from hard-packed fire roads to soft single-track trails At the same time, the D606's tread compound is engineered for good highway durability and grip Available in 17-inch and 18-inch rear sizes to fit almost all off-road-capable dual-sport bikes Matching D606 front tire available
Michelin Pilot Road 3 Front Tire
$129.99 - $147.99 MSRP $208.95-$239.95
(130 reviews)
…a wear-resistant compound down the middle; front tire features a wider soft-compound than the Pilot Road 2 Made of environmentally sound 100% non-aromatic oil rubber compounds V-rated for speeds up to 149 mph; (W)-rated for speeds of 168+ mph**Note: 110/80R-19 size is Pilot Road 3 Trial series tire
Metzeler Roadtec Z6 Sport Touring Front Tire
$114.99 - $122.99 MSRP $164.95-$175.95
(112 reviews)
…during the entire life of the tire W-rated for speeds up to 168 mph Model-specific and OEM replacement tires use a letter code after the tire size. Use the sizing information key to match your model with the correct tire code OEM replacement and model-specific tires: BMW 120/70ZR-17 = F800ST,K1200RS…
Bridgestone Exedra G701 Front Tire
$84.97 - $149.99 MSRP $142.99-$246.99
(43 reviews)
…riding conditions. Standard original equipment tires **Note: Radials are designated with an "R" in the tire size. All other tires are bias ply. **Note: Tire sizes with TT designate Tube-Type tires. All other tires are Tubeless. OEM Replacement Sizing: 120/90-17 = Honda VT750 90/90H-21 F = Honda…
Avon Venom R Radial Rear Tire
$218.99 - $323.99 MSRP $311.99-$461.99
(3 reviews)
tire recommended rim size is 5.50", 5.50" rim size minimum and 6.00" rim size maximum; overall tire width is approximately 7.4" (187mm), tire diameter is approximately 25.8" (655mm) 250-series tire recommended rim size is 9.00", 8.50" rim size minimum and 9.50" rim size maximum; overall tire width…
ITP TerraCross R T XD Front Radial Tire
$167.99 - $199.99 MSRP $176.95-$215.95
(1 review)
…resulting in a much higher-mileage tire Specially designed 14-inch sizes make the TerraCross R/T the new standard in side-by-side UTV tires. A standout performer on ATVs as well 14-inch UTV 1000-pound maximum load capacity per tire, at 12 psi All 12-inch sizes are now UTV rated Interlocking tread…
Bridgestone Battlax BT-016 Front Tire
$99.97 - $112.99 MSRP $171.99-$194.99
(80 reviews)
…three-dimensional simulations of tire performance at all lean angles Compares to Dunlop Qualifier, Michelin Pilot Power/Pilot Sport HPX, Pirelli Diablo/Rosso, Metzeler Sportec M-3/M-1 O.E. replacement sizes available, see tire code reference below O.E. Tire Size Codes: 120/70ZR-17 E = 2008 Suzuki…
Condor Chopper Wheel Chock
…Chopper Wheel Chock Capable of accommodating all Chopper front wheel sizes and makes tying down a motorcycle simple and easy for one person Available in two cradle choices: one for the 120 wide tire and another for the 80-90 wide tire Patented locking mechanism effortlessly and securely supports…
Moose Racing Tire Repair Kit
…to repair and inflate your tire on the road or trail Padded nylon zippered carrying case easily stores inside fanny pack or tool compartment Each cartridge produces 8-9 psi 4" inflator hose accepts threaded cartridges only Kit includes: 1 large oblong patch, 2 medium size patches, 3 small patches,…
Kolpin Flat Pack Tire Repair Kit
$36.99 MSRP 40.24
…dependable flat tire repair kit. Designed specifically for ATV's and UTV's it includes everything you need to fix up to 10 flats, and all the automotive style repair components fit neatly inside the housing of the integrated low pressure, self-sufficient pump - No CO2 needed! Its compact size makes…
BikeMaster Spoke Wrench Set
$50.96 MSRP 59.95
…accurate wrench ends make spoke adjustment a snap Made from chrome vanadium tool steel for long life Chrome plated for corrosion resistance Size range covers from mini bikes to full bore race bikes Includes heads: 5.2, 5.4, 5.6, 5.8, 6.0, 6.2, 6.4, 6.6, 6.8 Comes with carrying case Manufacturer's…
BikeMaster Spoke Wrench
BikeMaster Spoke Wrench Don't sacrifice your knuckles when tightening the spokes on your hoops. Made of steel, the BikeMaster Spoke Wrench is ready for the job. Made of steel Fits 6 different sizes - 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm Manufacturer's lifetime warranty
Excel Spoke Torque Wrench Set
$140.99 MSRP 147.95
(1 review)
…chrome aluminum bodied wrench, 1 chrome plated Pro Series 6pt. spline drive head, and 4 popular Japanese and other O.E. conventional type head sizes: 6.1, 6.3, 6.5, and 6.7mm All heads are made from S45C hi-carbon steel, heat treated to an HRC 40-45 hardness Comes in a handy composite RK Excel…
Bridgestone Radial Tire Tube
$21.99 - $24.99 MSRP $23.99-$26.99
(1 review)
Bridgestone Radial Tire Tube Designed for bikes that use tubes with radial tires TR-4 valves Sizing: Front: 120/70R and 110/90R-17 Rear: 160/60R, 150/70R and 160/70R-17
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