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Stop & Go Tubeless Tire Plug Gun On-the-wheel repair for all tubeless tires Gun inserts a natural rubber plug into the puncture area that expands under pressure to seal the hole Mushroom-shaped head seats on the inner wall Includes plug gun, nozzle and probe tool, retractable razor knife, 25…
BikeMaster Tire Repair Kit Replacement Plugs
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BikeMaster Tire Repair Kit Replacement Plugs If you're looking at this product then you already know how well BikeMaster's Tire Repair kit works and have run out of plugs. BikeMaster has made it easy to replenish your supply by offering this replacement plug kit with 50 plugs for your cruiser, sport…
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HiPer Wheels Mud Plug for Sidewinder and Dakar Wheels Keeps mud and debris out of your wheel Mounts behind the beadlock ring for positive retention and quick removal HiPer Wheels Mud Plug is available in Clear or Carbon Fiber Available for 12" or 14" wheels Mud Plugs are sold individually
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