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Dakota Digital MCL-3000 Tachometer
Dakota Digital MCL-3000 Tachometer High-visibility LED display is easy to read, even in direct sunlight CNC-machined bezels with triple chrome plating Available with red or blue LED display
Trail Tech Universal Vapor Tachometer
Trail Tech
Universal Vapor Tachometer
You save $13.96 (10%)
  • Grey
  • Stealth
Trail Tech Universal Vapor Tachometer The latest concept in motorsport on-board computation. A combined effort from experts in software, electronics, and mechanical design - each feature of this 4t...
Motion Pro Tachometer Cable
Motion Pro
Tachometer Cable
$11.69 - $14.39
You save $1.60 (10%)
  • Black
Motion Pro Tachometer Cable Perfect replacement cable for your tach. Motion Pro always offers products you can trust and you can find them right here at Motorcycle Superstore. Black vinyl c...
Shindy Products Electric Tachometer
Shindy Products Electric Tachometer 15,000 rpm tach with stainless steel body and white LED reflection light that won't vibrate 52mm x 60mm diameter (excluding rim); rim size is 10mm x 67mm d...
Cobra Bolt-On Tachometer
Bolt-On Tachometer
$269.95 - $309.95
You save up to $30.00 (10%)
  • Chrome
Cobra Bolt-On Tachometer Sure, you can just rev and rev your bike until you float the valves or hit the rev limiter, but that's hardly a practice we recommend. Hardly any metric cruisers these day...
Hardline Hour/Tachometer
You save $3.49 (10%)
  • Black
Hardline Hour/TachometerHR-8061-2 Hour/Tachometer with adjustable input, Resettable MAX RPM and Log Book!Hardline Products Surface Mounted Inductive Meters provide what today's power-sports user ne...
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