1. Synthetic Fork Oil

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Torco Racing Fork Fluid
$14.49 MSRP 14.95
(2 reviews)
Torco Racing Fork Fluid Racing Fork Fluids are a series of high V.I. synthetic blend fluids designed to exceed the demands of all cartridge and damper rod applications. RFF maintains viscosity providing consistent damping under the most severe temperature conditions. A proprietary additive system…
Motul Factory Line Synthetic Fork Oil
$14.99 MSRP 17.95
(1 review)
…Factory Line 100% Synthetic Fork Oil Specially formulated for SHOWA, KAYABA, OHLINS, WP forks, and any inverted or conventional telescopic forks. Reduced internal friction of fork tubes and seals Exclusive anti-friction additive designed and developed by Motul for consistent fork response over a…
Silkolene Racing Fork Fluids
$25.99 MSRP 27.95
(1 review)
…provide exceptional performance in the latest front forks and suspension systems Due to their outstanding resistance to shear forces and high temps, the fluids are ideally suited to long-distance events and severe conditions. The 100% synthetic formulation is optimized to combat fluid volatility…
Motul Expert Line Synthetic Blend Fork Oil
$10.99 MSRP 12.50
Motul Expert Line Synthetic Blend Fork Oil Specially designed for all types of forks, inverted or conventional. Contains an ANTI-FRICTION additive specially developed by Motul which minimizes drag and improves the efficiency of the forks. Expert fork oils are able to perform under very wide…
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