1. Supercharger

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…lifter cams are capable of 6,000-plus rpm with stock springs and no valve float. Made in the U.S.A. Super power for supercharged engines Has a timing set for superchargers or big inch motors with 10.5+ compression ratio For 84-99 80" Evolution motors Intake: Opens: 10 degrees Closes: 46 degrees…
Dynojet Power Commander V-PTI
$368.99 You save $80.96 (17%)
Dynojey Power Commander V-PTI Uses the same great features as the Power Commander V but are perfect for turbocharged or supercharged applications looking for precision, control and reliability Modify your fuel curve based off a pressure (boost) table and/or temperature table Pressure table provides…
Leatt Coolit Evaporative Cooling Vest Supercharge your body's natural cooling system. At Leatt® they take pride in their safety products, and as riders and racers themselves, they also know there is a need for some performance enhancing products.
K&N Air to Fuel Monitor
$260.06 You save $45.89 (15%)
…are designed to help performance enthusiasts calibrate an optimum air/fuel mixture ratio. The monitor will work on carbureted, injected, supercharged or turbocharged engines using unleaded gasoline, alcohol, propane or nitrous oxide. It will not work with nitromethane or diesel fuels. Using…
Maxima Maxum4 Ultra Oil
$14.99 You save $1.50 (9%)
…synthetic motor oil. Ultra delivers the best in anti-shear high temperature engine protection for carbureted, fuel injected, turbocharged and supercharged engines. Maxum4 Ultra has additional antiwear and extreme pressure additives which are designed to protect highly modified 4-cycle engines.…
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