1. Speaker Pods

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Hogtunes Inc. Hog Pod Dash Trim Tweeter Pod
$170.99 MSRP 189.95
Hogtunes Inc. "Hog Pod" Dash Trim/Tweeter Pod Complete add-on tweeter kit that doubles as a fairing accent piece with decorative chrome trim (included) "Satin black" looks matches stock inner fairings Can easily disassemble to paint match custom painted fairings Black "see through" grilles can also…
Kuryakyn Tweeter Dash Pods
$179.99 MSRP 199.99
Kuryakyn Tweeter Dash Pods Kuryakyn is a leader in quality and performance, that's why they got together with Kicker and brought you great sounding 1" Ks25 Titanium tweeters with Kuryakyn's style so your bike can continue looking and sounding good.Speakers max recommended amp power (peak/RMS)…
Hogtunes Inc. Road Glide Tweeter Pod
$179.99 MSRP 199.95
…Disassembles easily to paint-match custom-painted fairings Custom-designed 50 watt (RMS) high-efficiency metalized dome tweeters with 3rd order (18 dB) passive crossovers 98-05 models require an amp Included Items: (1) Tweeter Pod (1) Speaker Cover (1) Wire Harness (8) Tie Straps (1) Name Plate
Kuryakyn Saddle Bag Lid Speaker Pods
$260.99 MSRP 289.99
…quality & durability. 2 or 4 ohm Speaker applications Speakers are 5-1/4" Speaker Watts are 50W/100W (RMS/Max) Sold in pairs **Note: Kicker Amplifier & Wiring Harness is required for installation (sold separately) To install speaker pods requires cutting speaker hole in saddlebag lid. Storage space…
Hogtunes Inc. 160 Watt NCA 40.4 Amp
…Amp This 40 watt x 4-channel, fairing mounted amplifier is a perfect upgrade for those who have upgraded their speakers. For use with 2 ohm speakers Compatible with Hogtunes tweeter pods Note: Not for use with factory tour pak mounted amps installed (CVO) Adapter kit is required on all Road Glide…
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