1. Spark Plug Cleaner

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Maxima Contact Cleaner
$6.29 You save $0.70 (10%)
…formula is citrus scented, quick drying and safe for most plastics. Ideal for use on engine parts, carburetors, brake parts, ignition parts, spark plugs and much more. Features: Quickly removes oil & grease Works on brakes AND electrical components  Removes soft carbon deposits Cleans brakes,…
PJ1 Pro-Enviro Contact Cleaner
$8.46 You save $1.49 (14%)
PJ1 Pro-Enviro Contact Cleaner Removes carbon and other contaminants from spark plugs, ignition points, generator parts and all other electrical components Restores new life to old fouled plugs Evaporates quickly, leaving no residue Will not contaminate motor oils Safe on rubber and plastics; will…
NGK Spark Plug Resistor Cover
$2.89 - $6.39 You save up to $0.62 (2%)
NGK Spark Plug Resistor Cover Get your engine running to its peak with a new NGK Spark Plug Resistor Cover; it will keep the spark in, and everything else out. And get your ride moving cleaner and more efficiently with a new NGK Spark Plug Resistor Cover. Superior Firing and Fuel Savings Outstanding…
Maxima Air Filter Care Kit
$15.75 You save $1.75 (10%)
…elements; prevents oil "wash out" of the filter from carburetor fogging and offers the best protection for your engine, spark plugs, carburetor and air filter For use with foam and fabric filters 2-pack contains: 15.5 oz. net weight Air Filter Cleaner and 13 oz. net weight Fab-1 air filter oil
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