1. Soft Tie Down Straps

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…1,200lb rated assembly Safety hooks on each end for security Double security stitching Sewn in Soft-Tye 6' in length Sold in pairs Made in the U.S.A. Read the MotorcycleUSA.com review of the Powertye 1.5" Soft-Tye Tie-Down with Safety Latch Hooks here: Powertye Motorcycle Tie-Down Strap Review
Pro Taper Tiedowns
$31.49 You save $3.50 (10%)
…swivel carabineer base hook that will prevent your straps from ever getting or coming unhooked in hard to reach places. Patent pending swivel carabineer base hook Long and wide, 84" x 1.5" nylon webbing 1200 lb. straight tension strength Industrial strength non-slip cam buckle Soft handlebar strap
…strong webbing Integrated soft hook strap for the option of a non-marring hook up The hooks are 1500 lb rated One hook is vinyl coated and the Carabiner is plated for corrosion protection Carabiner with interlocking closer insures that this tie-down stays put! Straps are double stitched for strength…
Soft Loops The Soft Loop is designed to work with any type of Tie-Down that you are using (specifically the Cinchtite 1 and 2). It can be used to either loop, or create a slip knot, at any appropriate attachment point of the recreational vehicle and then attach to the 'S' Hook of the strap. This…
Steadymate Kwik Straps
$19.99 You save $1.96 (8%)
Steadymate Kwik Straps Similar in function to the Soft Loop this premium accessory is made with round sling material to add a "little give" over the rougher terrain. As a sling, it ensures that tugging and pulling does not damage your recreational vehicle. The Kwik Strap works well with any type of…
Ancra Integra Rat Pak
$34.49 You save $3.50 (9%)
Ancra Integra Rat Pak Twin pack of ratchet-buckle tie downs with soft hook tie down staps for securing vehicles 6" long Vinyl coated hooks protect finish Durable nylon web strap Ratchet buckles feature safety locks 1,200lb assembly strength, 400lb working load limit
Canyon Dancer Bar Harness II
$26.99 You save $2.96 (9%)
…molded polycarbonate cup with steel lay-in that replaces the old handlebar cuff Cross straps are held further away from switchgear Cups eliminate possible damage to soft grips and hold the cross straps further out on the bars to clear a wider variety of fairing Cups are sized to fit the fattest…
Steadymate Handle Straps The Handle Strap is designed to fit over the handle of your vehicle and secure to either the Cinchtite 1 or 2 series. The diameter of the handle must be less than 2.5" for this accessory to fit your use. Fit over the handlebars Designed for use with Cinchtite 1, Cinchtite 2…
BikeMaster Tie-Downs with Integrated Soft HooksMade of double stitched woven webbing Soft hook straps prevent scratching or marrin Sold in pairs 1.5" W x 84" L (except otherwise noted) 1200 lbs. straight tensile strength (2" width = 2400 lbs.) Black/Red available in 1-1/2" and 2" widths
Pingel Strap Rack
$44.99 You save $3.96 (8%)
Pingel Strap Rack Don't put your tie-downs in a bag or lay them on the floor ending up with a tangled mess Get organized and have the tie-downs easily accessible CNC-machined billet aluminum strap rack is 17" L; designed for trailers with 16" stud wall spacing Soft strap hanger can be installed on…
BikeMaster 1-1 2 Swivel Soft Hook Tiedowns
$25.46 You save $4.49 (14%)
BikeMaster 1-1/2" Swivel Soft Hook Tiedowns Twisted straps are a thing of the past with these Swivel Tiedowns from BikeMaster. Your toy will arrive safely to your next race or event. 1-1/2" x 84" (overall length) 4500 lb super strong webbing Integrated soft hook strap for the option of a non-marring…
Powertye 1-1 2 Fat Strap Deluxe
$43.99 You save $3.96 (8%)
Powertye 1-1/2" Fat Strap Deluxe 1-1/2" wide chromacoat ratchet Vinyl coated, S-style snap hook end Sewn in sheep skin Soft-Tye 6,000 lb. test nylon webbing 1,500 lb. rated assembly 6-1/2 feet long Double security stitching Availbable in black or orange Sold in pairs Made in the U.S.A.
Ancra Integra Tie-Downs
$30.89 You save $3.10 (9%)
Ancra Integra Tie-Downs Premium quality cam buckle tie downs Same features as original tie downs but with soft hook extension straps 69" usable length with 1,200lb straight tension strength 1" aircraft quality nylon straps Patented pressure plate cam-lock buckles 1,800lb cam buckle strength Vinyl…
…Tie-Down Each tiedown has 2 combo locking carabiners, so there are no keys to worry about No other strap has a full-length steel cable to prevent theft by the casual criminal Built-in soft tie extensions make sure the lock are nowhere near your paint job or plastic Up to 1200 lb load capacity…
All Rite Wrap It RackHolds odd-shaped items Straps tighten around items in seconds Soft touch knobs allow quick and easy removal from mounting base allowing bundles to stay secure
Kuryakyn GranCruise Bag
$84.99 You save $15.00 (15%)
…quick-stuff pocket and expandable bottle holder attach to the strong magnetic mounting flaps. A soft removable pad attaches to the bottom of the bag. Includes additional straps if you want it tied down Backrest or Luggage Rack Bag: Mounts in seconds on a solo luggage rack or backrest. Have a luggage…
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