1. Snowmobile Stands

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PowerMadd Power Lift
$114.99 MSRP 120.95
PowerMadd Power Lift Easily lift the front or rear of any snowmobile with one hand Has a lifted height range of 18"-31" Extends belt life and prevents track freeze up Lift the snowmobile a total of 7" Lift the bumpers from as low as 11" off the ground Durable powder coated steel construction
Cambridge Snowmobile Stand
$89.99 MSRP 99.95
CMP Snowmobile Stand This is the perfect warm up stand for racing or trail riding. Nothing improves the life of you motor, belt, track, and moving components more that warming them up prior to riding. This trackstand sits 22.5" tall and will handle the weight of any sled. Wide rear bumper support…
Cambridge Lift Hoist
$269.99 MSRP 299.95
…and crank up the back of the sled. Lifts up to 5 feet. Features a heavy duty locking crank, metal pulley sheave and high strength rope. Easy to assemble with the included hardware and instructions. Universal design works with all snowmobiles. Black powdercoated steel construction. Made in the USA.
Hardline Tread Doctor
$53.99 MSRP 59.95
(1 review)
…On/Off Switch and Holding Stand 100 Watt 120Volt 50/60hz heated cutting tool Built to UL Standards for design, construction and operation. Use it to cut tires for different conditions or after every ride Second market that is served by Tread Doctor is Snowmobiles. New tracks are expensive plus…
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