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…creates a positive seal to keep dirt, mud and water out Replaces OEM fork bleeder screws on Showa, Kayaba and WP 10.5 mm high installed Installation tool included Size Information: Red, Blue and Stealth fit Showa and Kayaba (except Kawasaki KX450F) Green valves are designed for the deep fork caps on…
Ride Engineering Steering Head Stabilizer Bracket Ride Engineering is the first company to offer a way to mount the Showa steering stabilizer onto another brand. This MX style stabilizer was originally developed by Ricky Carmichael in his days as a factory Honda rider. Today you will find one rigged…
Motion Pro Micro Bleeders
$13.59 - $13.99 You save up to $1.00 (9%)
…all 1999 and later WP 43/WP 48 fork caps without external spring preload adjustment These fork caps DO NOT require a pin spanner to remove the fork cap M5x0.8 Kayaba and Showa Micro Bleeders Features Silver For use on most Kayaba and Showa inverted forks with a M5x0.8 air bleed screw in the fork cap
Silkolene Pro-RSF Suspension Fluid
$20.99 - $332.99 You save up to $36.96 (8%)
…provides exceptional performance in air, nitrogen and argon gas filled systems Used by factory teams using Penske, Kayaba, Ohlins, White Power and Showa front and rear suspensions O.E.M. fluid for Penske Racing Shocks and Fox Shocks Various grades can be freely mixed for extra fine tuning Available…
Progressive Suspension Fork Lowering Kit
$107.99 - $125.99 You save up to $13.96 (9%)
Progressive Suspension Fork Lowering Kit An easy and inexpensive way to drop the front end one or two inches Progressively-wound fork springs, spacers, and lowering components Kit works with 41mm Showa forks Made in the USA
Race Tech Cartridge Rod Holding Tool
$18.99 You save $0.96 (4%)
Race Tech Cartridge Rod Holding ToolThe Cartridge Rod Holding Tool allows you to more easily disassemble and assemble Showa Twin-Chamber and most street cartridge forks When applied, the tool holds back the spring allowing you to loosen or tighten the bottom nut or the fork cap on the cartridge rod…
BikeMaster Aluminum Fork Cap Removal
$14.99 You save $0.96 (6%)
BikeMaster Aluminum Fork Cap Removal For removing aluminum fork caps on Showa BPF 43mm forks Fits 45mm fork cap hex with 17mm drive hex Helps prevent marring and damage to your expensive fork caps Made from aircraft quality aluminum Waffle paltern edge for a no slip grip Manufacturer's lifetime…
BikeMaster Offroad Damper Rod Inverted Fork Tool Ideal tool to assemble and disassemble most 41, 43 , 46 and 47mm Kayaba and Showa inverted forks A must have tool for suspension work Made from industrial grade steel with solid T-handle Measure 11.5 " long and a total O.D. of 33mm Manufacturer's…
Factory Effex Carbon Fiber Fork Shield
$13.99 You save $3.96 (22%)
The Carbon Fiber Fork Shield Graphics from Factory Effex feature:Realistic carbon fiber look Completely covers upper fork area Scratch resistant printing on 15 mil. Ultracurve vinyl, extra thick and impact-resistant Includes right and left sides
Motion Pro Damper Rod Fork Tool
$33.39 You save $3.60 (9%)
Motion Pro Damper Rod Fork Tool Hardened steel with black finish Aids in the assembly and disassembly of most 41, 43, 46 and 47mm Kayaba and Showa inverted forks Not required on the 91-92 Honda CR models
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Factory Effex Die Cut Logo Sticker
$0.99 - $3.99 You save up to $0.96 (80%)
Factory Effex Die Cut Logo Sticker Scratch resistant printing on 4 mil. vinyl 5 stickers per pack of the same logo Stickers are approximately 3" - 8" wide
PJ1 Gold Series Cartridge Pro Fork Fluid
$25.46 You save $4.49 (14%)
PJ1 Gold Series Cartridge Pro Fork Fluid Aerospace technology working in extreme temperature variances Gold Series Cartridge Pro Fork Fluid improves damping and rebound action Controls seal swelling 3 wt. Pro Fork Fluid for Showa and Kayaba forks
Race Tech Reservoir Bladder Conversion Kit
$132.99 You save $6.96 (4%)
…WP shocks easier. The Bladder Cap Kit converts the stock piston type reservoir to a "state-of-the-art" Bladder Reservoir like the factory Showa and KYB's. The Race Tech KTM Bladder Kit allows the shock to be filled with nitrogen with a regular Schrader Chuck. Longer reservoir body converts…
Motul Factory Line Synthetic Fork Oil
$14.99 You save $2.96 (16%)
Motul Factory Line 100% Synthetic Fork Oil Specially formulated for SHOWA, KAYABA, OHLINS, WP forks, and any inverted or conventional telescopic forks. Reduced internal friction of fork tubes and seals Exclusive anti-friction additive designed and developed by Motul for consistent fork response over…
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