1. Sena-Smh10

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Bell SMH-10 Clamp and Boom Microphone
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Bell SMH-10 Clamp and Boom Microphone Boom microphone clamp specifically for Bell Mag-9 Sena Helmets **Note: This kit is necessary when mounting a standard SMH-10 to a Mag-9 Sena helmet, but is included with the Bell Mag-9 Sena SMH-10 Bluetooth Headset.
Bell MAG-9 Sena Helmet Sena SMH10 Bluetooth ready, the Bell Mag-9 Sena makes talking while riding as easy as snapping in the unit and turning it on. The rest of the helmet isn't half bad either with a large face shield, drop down sun shield and aerodynamic visor. Inside Bell's Velocity Flow…
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