1. Scorpion Exo Face Shield

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Scorpion EXO-R2000 / EXO-T1200 / EXO-R410 / EXO-R710 Helmet FaceshieldShield fogging is a problem of the past. Each ScorpionEXO face shield is treated with their exclusive EverClear no-fog coating and feature a hardened-coating scratch-free surface. Match this with their optically-correct design for…
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Scorpion EXO-900 Electric Shield Conversion Kit
$83.97 You save $35.98 (30%)
Scorpion EXO-900 Electric Shield Conversion Kit Winter here? No worries, convert your EXO series helmet for playing in the snow. These kits come with an electric faceshield which acts just like the defroster for your car window, the cord, and a breath box to direct warm breath away from your shield.…
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Scorpion Everclear Faceshield for EXO-400 700 Helmet
$25.17 - $35.95 You save up to $14.00 (29%)
Scorpion Everclear Faceshield for EXO-400/700 HelmetScorpion lays out the options for you with a number of different colors and reflective mirror choices. Fitting both the EXO-400 and EXO-700 helmets, these face shields all come with anti-scratch and anti-fog technology built in. Faceshield for EXO…
Scorpion EXO-900 Snow Helmet with Electric Shield EXO 900 Snow Ready helmet features a custom shield and internal breath box for the ultimate fog-free vision. The shield features EverClear® anti-fog coating and ventilaton intake / exhaust ports. EL (electric) - This is our premier shield system. A…
Scorpion EXO-GT3000 Helmet FaceshieldMade from polycarbonate Each Scorpion Exo faceshield is treated with Scorpions exclusive EverClear no-fog coating Features a hardened-coating scratch-free surface
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