1. Scorpio Alarm

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Scorpio Factory Connector Kit
$22.99 - $29.95 MSRP $24.95-$29.95
(8 reviews)
Scorpio Factory Connector Kit While all Scorpio systems are universal and will fit on any motorcycle, the available factory connector kit allows all Scorpio alarms to be integrated into the OEM-style harness on most bikes without any cutting or splicing, making installation simple and clean
Scorpio SR-i900 RFID Security System
$395.99 MSRP 439.95
(14 reviews)
Scorpio SR-i900 RFID Security System Giving priceless security and convenience, the Scorpio SR-i900R is a one of a kind two-way FM security system that utilizes hands-free RFID technology. Simply walk towards or away from your bike, and the remote transceiver will automatically communicate an arm or…
Scorpio SR-i600S Two-Way FM Alarm
$350.99 MSRP 389.95
(1 review)
Scorpio SR-i600S Two-Way FM Alarm Scorpio's compact SR-i600S, replacing the SR-i500SW, alarm is the first impact-resistant, waterproof, LCD controller that combines both remote and paging capabilities Ultra-compact two-way FM security system with waterproof remote Includes a handheld LCD transceiver…
Scorpio Remote Ignition Disabler
$26.99 MSRP 29.95
…immobilize the ignition system to prevent hot wiring The disabler also allows the user to remotely cut off the engine in case of a hijack attempt Compatible only with Scorpio's SR-i500SW FM transceiver alarm, OEM 500i plug-in security system, SR-i500 two-way FM alarm, and SR-i500S two-way FM alarm
Scorpio rLink SR-i1100SE GPS GPRS Security System
$509.95 MSRP 599.95
(4 reviews)
Scorpio rLink SR-i1100SE GPS/GPRS Security SystemIncorporates advanced theft prevention, real time GPS tracking, and SMS (short message service) alerts with programs that allow riders to document and share their riding experience System includes a remote transceiver, main control module, RFID (radio…
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