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Bel-Ray Scooter Synthetic Ester Blend 4T Engine Oil
$7.76 - $27.00 You save up to $9.49 (26%)
Bel-Ray Scooter Synthetic Ester Blend 4T Engine Oil Bel-Ray® Scooter Synthetic Ester Blend 4T Engine Oil is a 4-stroke synthetic oil that combines the finest quality synthetic fluids with select mineral base oils ensuring the highest level of protection for all 4-stroke scooters. Contains shear…
Motorex Scooter Gear Oil ZX Synthetic-performance scooter gear oil Optimum friction coefficient Developed to provide a smooth drive for scooters with a a continuously variable drive transmission Convenient, easy-to-use tube Specification: SAE 80W90 / API GL-4/5 **Note: Not to be used in wet-clutch…
Motul Scooter Expert Motor Oil
$10.80 You save $2.70 (20%)
Motul Scooter Expert Motor Oil Technosynthese lubricant for 2-stroke scooter engines with premix or injector lube system, operating at high rpm Synthetic base stocks minimize smoke and deposits For engines that meet the new Euro II standards : API TC, JASO FC, ISO-L-EGO
Maxima Scooter 4T Oil
$6.87 You save $1.12 (14%)
Maxima Scooter 4T Oil Features:Petroleum based 4T 10W40 engine oil Formulated for modern free-revving scooters and mopeds Protects against harsh city conditions defined by constant stop-and-go traffic, excessive idling and fully loaded engine operation Scooter 4T blends the latest in high…
Motul Scooter Oil 4T
$10.36 - $11.60 You save up to $2.90 (20%)
Motul Scooter Oil 4T Scooter engines have their own lubrication requirements that are different from motor bikes or moped engines. Formulated for stop & go town driving Conforms to the latest manufacturers' recommendation Synthetic blend
Maxima Scooter Pro Oil
$8.56 You save $1.39 (13%)
Maxima Scooter Pro Oil A high performance synthetic blend for both injector and premix use. Special synthetic lubricants and advanced additives provide for outstanding engine performance and protection while maintaining excellent engine cleanliness and eliminating exhaust smoke. Exceeds API-TC and…
Maxima Scooter Gear Oil
$5.15 You save $0.84 (14%)
Maxima Scooter Gear Oil Features: Specially designed for the hard working conditions of scooter and moped transmissions. Superior lubricating properties withstand successive full speed start-ups and stops in city driving conditions. Good oil film retention for various driving conditions, idle, sharp…
Bel-Ray Scooter Semi-Synthetic 2T Engine Oil
$7.76 You save $2.73 (26%)
Bel-Ray Scooter Semi-Synthetic 2T Engine Oil Bel-Ray® Scooter Semi-Synthetic 2T Engine Oil is a 2-stroke synthetic motorcycle oil formulated from high-quality synthetic blend base stocks to provide clean burning performance and a high level of wear protection for all air-cooled/liquid-cooled…
Motorex Scooter 4T Oil Semi-synthetic 4-stroke engine oil for scooters Good cold-start properties Ideal for stop-and-go traffic Optimum wear protection Catalytic converter tested New attractive design New formulation Specification: API SL, SJ, SH, SG
Maxima Scooter 2T Oil
$7.70 You save $1.25 (13%)
Maxima Scooter 2T Oil Premium quality low-smoke 2-cycle engine lubricant for both premix and oil injector use in scooters and mopeds. Clean burning while providing excellent protection to all engine parts. Exceeds API-TC and all manufacturer's specifications
Repsol Lubricants 2T Standard Oil
$8.00 You save $1.19 (12%)
Repsol Lubricants 2T Standard Oil2T Standard Oil from Repsol Mineral based lubricant oil for 2-stroke engines Good anti-wear and anti-seizing properties Recommended for pre-mix applications Meets JASO-FB requirements
Repsol Lubricants 4T Moto Scooter
$11.30 You save $1.69 (13%)
Repsol Lubricants 4T Moto ScooterSemi-synthetic 4-stroke scooter oil 5W40 engine oil specifically designed for 4 stroke scooters Excellent protection over a wide temperature range for frequent stop and go urban driving JASO-MA certified, Meets API-SJ standards
Repsol Lubricants 2T Moto Scooter Oil
$10.87 You save $1.62 (12%)
Repsol Lubricants 2T Moto Scooter OilSemi-synthetic 2-stroke scooter oil Designed for the continual stop and go demands of 2 stroke scooters Formulated to prevent the formation of carbon deposits and the degradation of the exhaust systems Reduces exhaust emissions due to its smokeless technology For…
Motorex Scooter Forza 2T Oil Fully synthetic, high-performance engine oil for 2-stroke motor scooters Optimizes the efficiency of the engine, burns completely clean and free of residue Premix or injector pump use with 20wt viscosity Minimum smoke formation Absolutely clean engine Maximum wear…
PJ1 Silverfire Scooter 2-Stroke Injector Oil
$13.88 You save $2.07 (12%)
PJ1 Silverfire Scooter 2-Stroke Injector OilExceptionally clean; leaves no residue or deposits in exhaust chambers Superb power and engine cleanliness Eliminates spark plug fouling Improves economy; lengthens engine life Liter bottle; sold each
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Motorex Scooter 2T Oil
$16.50 - $55.78
Motorex Scooter 2T Oil Engine oil for 2-stroke motor scooters, a perfect, enjoyable ride for all seasons Guarantees minimum smoke Especially effective in the city with frequent stop-and-go traffic as well as for long distances Complete and clean combustion Premix or injector pump use with 20wt…
Silkolene 2T Scoot-2 Oil
$9.99 You save $3.96 (28%)
Silkolene 2T Scoot-2 Oil Synthetic fortified 2-stroke scooter engine oil Based from clean burning mineral oil fractions plus special friction reducing synthetics to give maximum performance with low smoke Low ash formula ensures long engine life and added cleanliness Resists ring-sticking, piston…
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