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Drag Specialties Alternator Rotor Feature encapsulated magnets in a reinforced steel shell Heavy-duty rotor features a .476" reinforced center thickness OEM rotors have a .222" center thickness unless noted Note: Not for EFI systems Click Here for Alternator Stators
Accel 32 AMP Charging System Heavy-duty rotors with magnets that are enclosed in stainless steel A super thick hub and splines eliminate cracks Precision wound stator Includes a regulator to control everything Fits 91-99 Big Twin Evolution models (except EFI)
Drag Specialties Heavy-Duty 32A Charging System Kit includes an encapsulated magnetic rotor, precision wound stator and an 89-99 32A chrome voltage regulator Features a thick (.476 in.) center rotor as compared to a .222 in. center OEM rotor **NOTE: Not for fuel-injected models.
…engineering was used to design these completely electronic ignition systems The Dyna S is completely housed behind the ignition cover and uses a magnetic rotor with the original spark advancer, so the factory advance curve is maintained Spark energy is second-to-none - coils provide spark voltage in…
Spyke Charging System
$249.95 - $260.95
Spyke Charging System Features a forged steel rotor with a thicker spline for maximum engagement on even the biggest of motors Magnets are encapsulated in a protective barrier to resist vibration-related breakage and prevent costly damage Kit includes a high-performance stator and voltage regulator…
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