1. Rim Lock

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Emgo Rim Lock
$4.21 - $5.06 You save up to $0.89 (14%)
Emgo Rim Lock New style has heavy duty metal base Covered with strong rubber Eliminates tube pinching and casing damage
Motion Pro Liteloc Rim Locks
$13.49 - $14.39 You save up to $1.60 (10%)
Motion Pro Liteloc Rim Locks One piece molded design made from special high-strength nylon composite material Super light and impact resistant Includes the new Motion Pro aluminum LiteLoc rim lock nut and beveled washer Rim lock for 1.40"/ 1.60" wide rims only 35 grams (1.2 oz.); rim lock for 2.15"…
Motion Pro LiteLoc Rim Lock Nuts
$15.29 You save $1.70 (10%)
Motion Pro LiteLoc Rim Lock Nuts Spice up your rim lock with these snazzy anodized rim lock nuts from Motion Pro. 13mm LiteLoc Rim lock Nut with beveled washer kit. Black anodized finished with laser engraved logo looks great on any color rim Made from 6061-T6 aluminum for optimal lightness and…
Motion Pro Rim Lock Damper
$1.79 You save $0.20 (10%)
Motion Pro Rim Lock Damper Installs under your rim lock Reduces stress on spokes and rim lock Helps prevent rim lock from shifting under heavy acceleration and braking
Sunline Rim Lock Tower Spacer Nut Kit Keep your rim locks, and ultimately your tire, from slipping rim locks spread out the load much more evenly than the stock nut landing on the radius of the rim, and keeps dirt out as well Spacers also come with a special two-piece aircraft aluminum cam-lock…
Sunline Aluminum Rim Lock Nuts
$13.99 You save $0.96 (6%)
BikeMaster Aluminum Rim Lock Nuts Lighter wheel decrease spinning and unsprung weight boosting overall bike handling.....and the black finish looks cool too. Lighter wheels is a "must have" for any serious dirt bike or adventure touring rider.Lighten up your wheels and bling them out at the same…
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