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Dynojet Power Commander III USB EX
$199.99 - $329.99 MSRP $359.95-$379.95
(9 reviews)
…Exhaust Increased Horsepower & Torque Dynamometer Tested & Development Maps Rev X-tend (a $200 value) (Increase stock rev limiter) Individual Cylinder Mapping Ignition Timing Adjustment Reduces or eliminates Decel Popping Click Here for Dynojet Accessories **Closeouts are limited to stock on hand**
BBR Rev Box
$62.99 - $98.99 MSRP $69.95-$109.95
(8 reviews)
BBR Rev Box Eliminates the 9800 rpm rev limiter and provides a hotter advance curve.Eliminates the 9800 rpm rev-limiter of the OEM ignition Direct replacement for the OEM CDI ignition box Hotter advance curve **Closeouts are limited to stock on hand**
Two Brothers Racing Juice Boost ECU Bypass
$50.99 MSRP 59.95
Two Brothers Racing JUICE BOOST™ - Engine Control Unit Increases up to 7 horsepower Increases the REV limiter Installs in minutes Simple plug-in technology By plugging in a Two Brothers Racing JUICE BOOST™ ECU bypass module, your LTR will automatically be programmed to utilize a secondary racing…
Dynatek Dyna 2000 TC Ignition Module
(1 review)
…max rpm, seconds near rev limit and number of engine starts PC programmability makes possible an eight-point, fully definable, wide-open throttle curve and a fully definable part-throttle curve, programmable rev limit in 50 rpm steps, 0-5 programmable dead-cranking revs, total of +/- 10° rear…
Dynatek Dyna 2000 Digital Performance Ignition
…ignition with adjustable Dyna dual sensor crank trigger Set ignition timing to what you want to maximize engine performance Independent 1/4 2/3 cylinder timing Broad range rev limiter Fully static timeable Five different advanced curves Four different retard modes Easy mounting
Big Gun Rev Box
$68.99 - $242.99 MSRP $75.95-$269.95
(1 review)
Big Gun Rev Box Big Gun Rev Boxes are designed to increase your RPM limit by approximately 1,000 RPM depending on the model of your machine. In addition, Big Gun Rev Boxes are remapped with a built in timing curve which provides noticeable horse power & torque gains. Big Gun Rev Boxes are an easy…
Two Brothers Racing Pit Boss Performance CDI
$59.99 MSRP 69.98
Two Brothers Racing Pit Boss Performance CDI Get increased throttle response and a higher rev limit with Pit Boss Racings High performance CDI Easy to install - plugs in within seconds. Just remove your old one and plug this one in
Cobra Bolt-On Tachometer
$251.99 - $269.99 MSRP $279.95-$299.95
(6 reviews)
Cobra Bolt-On Tachometer Sure, you can just rev and rev your bike until you float the valves or hit the rev limiter, but that's hardly a practice we recommend. Hardly any metric cruisers these days come with a tach, so how do you know where the redline is? Simple, just fit up a Cobra tach. The 8000…
Dynojet Power Commander V
$295.99 - $479.99 MSRP $369.95-$599.95
(61 reviews)
…on PCIIIusb) Enhanced "accel pump" utility (increased adjustment and sensitivity ranges) Harley Davidson units also include:Fuel and Timing control Rev Xtend "Warm Up" fuel adjustment (unit reads engine temp and allows fuel/timing adjustments based on it) Software will display J1850 data from bikes'…
Dragonfire PyroPak ECU Controller
$379.99 MSRP 399.99
…utility (increased adjustment and sensitivity ranges) Retains all of the standard PyroPak control features Allows +/- 20 degrees of timing adjustment Map switch input-change maps on the fly Adjust timing per cylinder Raise your rev limit (only available on select models) Built in launch limiter
Dynatek FS Ignition System
$103.95 - $371.95
…curves on TPS-equipped bikes One programmable rev limit per ignition curve Improved throttle response Easy to mount Programming kit sold separately Non-Programmable Ignitions: Improved timing curves with high rev limit Removed reverse rev limit Overrides belt indicator for full performance at…
Zipper's Performance Products ThunderMax 50
…stock system Maintains excellent fuel economy Stabilizes engine temperatures System properly self tunes aftermarket exhaust systems Adjustable rev limiter Provides access to read vehicle diagnostic trouble codes Notes: Because of possible clearance issues, some after market axhaust systems require…
Dynatek Dyna FS Programmable Ignition System
…four programmable advance curves that provide improved torque  and 800% more spark energy for easier starts Four programmable timing curves 3D advance curves on TPS equipped bikes One programmable rev limit per ignition curve Improved throttle response Easy to mount Programing kit sold separately
Moose Racing Jet Ignition Module Kit
$112.95 - $242.95
…Module Kit The digital ignition is preprogrammed with a performance advance curve while at the same time increasing the vehicle's rev limiter On modified vehicles where the engine makes power right up to redline the increased limit will allow for peak performance and additional top end power
MSD Powersports Programmable Ignition
MSD Powersports Programmable Ignition Direct plug-n-play connectors Fully sealed controller Time programmable rev launch limiter 0-15 degree programmable progressive nitrous retard Built-in engine-run hour meter Advance/retard of OE timing +6 degrees/-20 degrees 15 seconds of data acquisition…
Dragonfire Teryx EFI Ignition Controller
$299.99 MSRP 449.00
…Features: Direct plug in connectors (no splicing required) Less than 10 minutes to install Increases top speed (5-6mph) Overrides reverse speed limiter Fully sealed waterproof controller unit Adjustable fuel and ignition map for any engine combination PC programmable for the advanced tuner Low speed…
Fox Racing Womens Ride On Side Tie Bottom
$19.99 - $24.99 MSRP 29.50
Fox Racing Women's Ride On Side Tie Bottom Rev up your sunny-weather style with the Fox Ride On Side Tie Bikini Bottom! An aggressive "Ride On" print sits front and center on an otherwise solidly-colored base, while the side ties assure the perfect bikini fit every time.String side tie bottom with…
Fly Racing Evolution Rev Pants
$74.99 MSRP 149.95
Fly Racing Evolution Rev Pants Pushing the design limits not for the sake of publicity, but to truly make the product better, the Fly Evolution Rev breaks ground on the future of motocross racewear. Tough yet flexible, secure yet slim, this pant doesn't wait for the competition to catch up. All-New…
REV'IT! Hawk Leather Jacket
$334.99 MSRP 549.99
(1 review)
…ERGONOMIC: FIT: City fit ADJUSTABILITY: Adjustment tabs VENTILATION: Ventilation panels FEATURES: Comfort collar, short connection zipper POCKETS: Slit pockets, inner pockets **Note:  Currently Rev'It products can only be shipped to U.S. customers. **Closeouts are limited to stock on hand**
REV'IT! Upsilon WB Jacket
$119.99 MSRP 179.99
(1 review)
…and a micro-fleece lining, the jacket also features the patented REV'IT! WindBarrier® membrane that repels water, manages moisture, and blocks wind, for ultimate comfort and thermal regulationCurrently Rev'It products can only be shipped to U.S. customers **Closeouts are limited to stock on hand**
REV'IT! Monster Gloves
$79.99 MSRP 99.99
(3 reviews)
…EVA foam, Pittards goat hard shell knuckle ERGONOMIC: FIT: race fit ADJUSTABILITY: adjustment tab at cuff FEATURES: stretch lips at fingers and backhand, sure grip patches, short cuff Currently Rev'It products can only be shipped to U.S. customers **Closeouts are limited to stock on hand**
REV'IT! Airwave Jacket
(13 reviews)
…tabs at collar, upper arms and cuffs Ventilation: ventilation panels at chest, back and arms Features: jeans loop, short connection zipper Pockets: inner pockets, slit pockets**Note:  Currently Rev'It products can only be shipped to U.S. customers **Closeouts are limited to stock on hand**
REV'IT! Womens Turbine Jacket
$129.99 MSRP 389.99
(3 reviews)
…back and elbows, long connection zipper and double short connection zipper POCKETS: slit pockets, membrane storage pocket, inner pockets **Note: Waterproof liner is not available in the U.S.A. **Closeouts are limited to stock on hand** Currently Rev'It products can only be shipped to U.S. customers
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