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Dynojet Power Commander III USB
$99.99 - $379.99 You save up to $119.96 (72%)
…an expansion port for future add-on modules from Dynojet USB power programming module is necessary to provide voltage to your Power Commander when it is removed from the bike and attached to your PC (must be purchased separately; not required if module is installed on bike) Software is compatible…
…replace fuses Eliminates the need to install relays to power high amperage applications Plain and simple, with the PDM60 module, your bike will be better equippedThe Rowe Electronics PDM60 has been built with components selected for superior power management capability, and extended service life.…
Moose Racing ATV Power Module Waterproof plug and play device Bypasses restrictions placed on power output at low speeds Uses OEM style connectors No cutting or soldering needed Removing the Power Module returns vehicle to stock configuration; no permanent changes are made
Module Kit The digital ignition is preprogrammed with a performance advance curve while at the same time increasing the vehicle's rev limiter On modified vehicles where the engine makes power right up to redline the increased limit will allow for peak performance and additional top end power
Dynatek 3000/FS Fuel and Ignition Module Combines both fuel and ignition tuning in one device PC programmable fuel and ignition maps; with two switch map switching function Gear position input and analog input for 0-5 volt input to boost mapping Mapping for individual cylinders Fuel adjustment range…
Closeout 47% off
…sensors to monitor fuel adjustment Features an expansion port for future add-on modules from Dynojet Software is compatible with windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP; opens all maps with .djm extension USB special cable and 9V battery power adapter are included Made in the U.S.A. **Closeouts are limited to stock…
FMF Power Core 4 Complete Exhaust System
$206.99 - $539.99 You save up to $59.96 (10%)
…for easy tuning with various end caps that alter the power band around the needs of the rider Quickly changed, the standard Hi-Flo 2” end cap the optional 1 3/4” end cap for a smoother power delivery and the spark arrestor module all give the PC IV substantial versatility and tremendous…
BikeMaster Sintered Brake Pads
$18.66 - $39.06 You save up to $6.89 (14%)
…applications from street, dirt, sport touring, and cruiser, BikeMaster sintered brake pads are the ideal OEM replacement part. Providing better power, modulation, and road feedback, BikeMaster sintered pads offer great value in a long lasting package. Utilizing the latest technologies in design and…
…design, now accommodates 4 pistons of 30mm diameter and has undergone extensive testing and tweaking to ensure it will deliver the power and modulation for which Brembo calipers are renowned. In addition, the M50 is coupled with a master cylinder sized specifically to suit the new caliper.…
Braking CM55 Sport Front Brake Pads
$29.99 - $62.99 You save up to $5.96 (18%)
…used with Braking rotors, provide the greatest control and braking power available CM55 sportbike pads are a sintered mixture designed to give power and longevity CM55 pads offer strong power, stability and improved brake modulation and feel These pads work best in excess of 1300° degrees without…
Braking CM56 Sport Rear Brake Pads
$35.99 - $37.99 You save up to $3.96 (7%)
…rotors, provide the greatest control and braking power available CM56 sportbike pads are a sintered mixture designed specifically for rear brake applications to give power and longevity CM56 pads offer strong power, stability and improved brake modulation and feel These pads work best in excess of…
Braking 270mm Oversized Front Rotor Kit
$238.99 You save $25.91 (9%)
…rotor kit options for all MX and Off Rd applications Braking oversized front rotors provide substantial increase in stopping power with improved brake feeling and modulation for the best overall performance Oversized front rotors allow for you to brake later into corners, dramatically lowering lap…
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SBS Racing Dual Carbon Brake Pads
$14.99 You save $32.96 (68%)
…Surface Treatment) eliminates bedding-in procedure and brake fade Full brake power after 8-10 stops; no thermal bedding required Consistent, powerful performance for the life of the brake pad Easy brake modulation and control; no rising friction curve at the end of a stop Initial brake pad bite…
Jardine RT-One Exhaust System
$360.19 - $409.99 You save up to $88.96 (17%)
…Big power increase and huge weight savings Straight-through perforated core offers maximum flow **Note: Jardine RT-One exhaust systems feature a high-flow large-diameter perforated core for maximum performance. Sound levels are race-track oriented. Jardine recommends the use of a QMI (Quiet Module
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FMF Factory 4.1 PowerBomb Exhaust System
$539.99 - $719.99 You save up to $79.96 (10%)
…proprietary Chamber Core and Power Bomb technology Factory Forward Engineering centralizes mass, improves handling Titanium muffler with titanium endcap, midpipe and PowerBomb header Made from premium quality American materials Performance tuning inserts and spark arrestor module available Meets AMA…
Xena XX-6 Disc Lock with Alarm
$71.94 - $71.99 You save up to $7.96 (10%)
…Alarm: Shock & motion sensors linked to a sophisticated microprocessor trigger a 120dB alarm powered by a single CR2 long-life Lithium battery. All electronics are housed in a replaceable alarm module -- no tools required. Self-arming, with no on-off switch, re-sets to armed mode within 15 seconds…
Kuryakyn Twin Velocity Plus
$195.49 - $280.49 You save up to $49.50 (15%)
…Twin Velocity's internal crankcase vent system has been designed to direct gasses and oil droplets into the carburetor or induction module All these improvements add up to improved air flow and greatly improved power potential **Note: These Kits contain an all-chrome Twin Velocity Plus mounting Kit
FMF Gold Series SST Pipe
$186.96 - $224.99 You save up to $25.00 (15%)
…everlasting appearance and durability SST Module is the brain behind this pipe SST pipes technology gives performance gains that were previously impossible Chrome plated for a non-chip finish that will not discolor SST has a huge power boost throughout the power range with a strong focus on upper…
FMF Gold Series Pipe for SST Silencer
$206.99 - $224.99 You save up to $25.00 (10%)
FMF Gold Series Pipe for SST Silencer Unique with it's chrome plating and trademarked SST module, the SST exhaust system greatly improves the ENTIRE powerband. The secret to the SST is the patented shape of the exhaust system and it's ability to increase horsepower through the use of sonic wave…
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