1. Photochromic Goggles

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…temples as sunglasses or with a detachable adjustable strap as a goggle Vented removable closed cell foam prevents lenses from fogging and keeps wind and debris from getting inside the goggle and distorting vision Photochromic lenses that change with altering UV and visible light to allow greater…
Bobster Photochromic Ignitor Goggles
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Bobster Photochromic Ignitor Goggles Compact goggle with photochromic lenses that darken in the sun Closed cell foam helps create a wind free environment so eyes do not tear The lenses are photochromic starting with a light tint and transform to a medium grey in bright light Shatter resistant lenses…
Bobster Renegade Photochromic Sunglasses
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Photochromic Sunglasses go from clear to smoke in daylight and back to clear for nighttime riding.Features: Photochromic lenses that start out clear (VLT 83%) and darken to a smoke (VLT 28%) while in bright sunlight Temple to temple coverage Polycarbonate anti-impact frame Includes removable goggle
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Bobster Fuel Photochromic Goggles
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Bobster Fuel Photochromic Goggles The Fuel Photochromic Goggles get darker in sunlight and lighter at night. The neoprene foam is lined with fleece for additional comfort and the adjustable strap ensures a secure fit to your face. Features: Photochromic anti-fog lenses (Clear Lenses: 85% VLT - 25%…
Dragon NFX Boost Transitions Snow Goggles
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…Boost Transitions Snow Goggles Transitions® adaptive lens automatically darken and lighten in response to changing sunlight and weather conditions. In various lighting, certain colors can enhance vision. Dragon has teamed up with Transitions® to bring you the latest in goggle lens technology. The…
Bobster Road Master Sunglasses
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Bobster Road Master Sunglasses Dominate the road with this convertible photochromic eyewear. The adjustable strap allows easy conversion from sunglass to goggle, while the photochromic polycarbonate lenses lighten when indoors and darken when exposed to sunlight. Removable closed cell foam adds…
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