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Fuel Star Fuel Valve Kits
Fuel Star
Fuel Valve Kits
$26.99 - $80.99
You save up to $3.96 (10%)
Fuel Star Fuel Valve Kits Direst O.E replacement fuel valves Also includes direct O.E. replacement molded fuel line providing hassle free installation Fuel line meets C.A.R.B. and EPA fuel line pe...
Biker's Choice Fuel Petcock
Biker's Choice
Fuel Petcock
$15.99 - $17.99
You save up to $3.96 (19%)
  • Chrome
Biker's Choice Fuel Petcock Chrome-plated Petcocks with 22mm threads are available with O.E.M. style straight outlet or custom 90o  outlet
K&L Fuel Petcock Rebuild Kit
Fuel Petcock Rebuild Kit
$8.19 - $40.99
You save up to $2.10 (5%)
K&L Fuel Petcock Rebuild Kit Don't want to spend money on a broken fuel petcock? Here is a rebuild kit from K&L to get your bike back on the road. Includes all necessary o-rings and diaphragms (e...
Pingel Power-Flo Petcock Valve
Power-Flo Petcock Valve
$96.26 - $113.36
You save $12.59 (10%)
  • Aluminum
Pingel Power-Flo Petcock Valve Provide maximum fuel for combustion - test results have proven as much as twice the fuel flow over stock petcocks Won't restrict fuel flow to the carb Eliminate the ...
Kuryakyn Petcock Cover
Petcock Cover
You save $4.00 (10%)
  • Chrome
Kuryakyn Petcock Cover Add the finishing touch to your drab fuel petcock by covering those unfinished parts with style. The left side of your tank will now look top class. Highly decorativ...